Q: Is it Ok to Skip a Snack or Meal if You're Not Hungry?

Remember the food you are eating and the micronutrients they house are key to healing your metabolism. So, do not skip a snack or meal.

If you are feeling too full after your meals and you want to adjust your portion size, I want you to check a few things before you make adjustments.

The original portions that are recommended in my book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, are balanced for most active people. If your appetite isn’t there, you may want to look at your exercise program to ensure you are using your structure enough to require the fuel. If you feel your exercise plan is effective, then take a look at your food prep.

Food preparation can ease your metabolic efforts. Cooking your foods can assist with digestion. The goal is to make digestion effortless so that your body doesn’t feel burdened digesting. If you’ve eaten the original portions size and you feel too full, adjustments may be temporarily needed. First, try adding more herbs and spices, pureeing your veggies or chewing your food 2x the typical amount.

If you try these tips and still feel too full, try lowering the portion in each food group. So a little less grain, protein, and fruit, but never fewer veggies! You’ll probably never hear me say fewer veggies. You need those!

Shrink the portions just enough so that you feel full but are also able to conceive of the next meal coming down the pipeline. You want to keep your body healthy and to optimize healthy skin, hair, and bones; you must keep the body flooded with micronutrients throughout the day. I want your body to have every building block it needs to create health.

Last but not least... don’t forget the massage! Stimulating your physical structure supports the lymphatics, digestion, hormones and the metabolism as a whole.

SUPPLEMENT SUPPORT: My Metabolism Enzyme Balance is a comprehensive blend designed to restore balance and assist the body with extracting the micronutrients it needs from food, healing and speeding up the metabolism, and improving nutrient absorption. I was diligent in sourcing enzymes that not only help create an immediate balance in the body for proper metabolic digestion but also nurtures the tissues, glands and organs function to encourage the rehabilitation and healing of your own enzymatic process. Take Metabolism Enzyme Balance for a minimum of 28 days for true repair and to ignite the metabolism.