Long Term On The Fast Metabolism Diet

We are thrilled that some people on the Fast Metabolism Diet have now lost 60, 70, even 100 pounds. If you have a similar long-term goal, here are some tips on doing the diet for several rounds.

Keep Going!

If you have more than 15 or 20 pounds to lose, you can continue doing the Fast Metabolism Diet’s Phases and eating wonderful nutrient-dense foods. If you’re only a few pounds from your goal weight, you may only need another week or two. But if you ultimately want to lose more, head right into another 28-day cycle after your initial month.

Variety Is The Spice

With my long term clients, keeping it interesting is key. Our bodies love habit — they adapt so quickly to new routines. But we don’t want your body to get used to the same foods, the same activities and the same schedule day in, day out.

You can keep your metabolism on its toes by changing things up:

  • Try a new exercise class or sport
  • Resolve to try new foods — pick out some foods on the lists and give them a chance
  • Choose some new recipes
  • Add some holistic health practices to your routine, like dry brushing

Read Up

You already know the diet works, but how much do you understand about how and why it works? Or how your body works, for that matter? I often give my clients homework assignments, asking them to read up about the kidneys, or the liver, or the pituitary gland. Learning more about how your body works really solidifies the importance of what we’re doing.

Write It Down

I also ask my clients to keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be much; start simple, writing about what you ate, and how you feel each day. While you may not notice gradual improvements day-to-day, writing them down allows you to see the long-view and appreciate how far you’ve come.

There’s also evidence that those who keep journals lose more weight. Keeping track keeps you honest. It also helps you spot patterns. For example, you might not even realize that you’ve only been eating only two fruits — apples and pears — until you see it written on the page. So your journal can help you keep mixing things up.

Customize the FMD, Strategically

Once you’ve been on the Fast Metabolism Diet for a couple of months, you’ll begin to notice how your body responds to each Phase and each week in the plan. You may notice that you feel great and tend to lose more weight on Phase 1. In that case, you could consider focusing on Phase 1 for a few days. You might decide to try doing Phase 1 for 4, 5 or even 6 days before moving on to Phase 2.

With any alteration like this, plan it in advance. Look at your calendar and decide on your strategy. Then prepare accordingly. Focusing on Phase 1 isn’t something you’d want to do for more than a week since you’ll want the nutrients in Phase 2 and 3 as well. And again — we don’t want to let your body get into a habit.