Making the Most of your Time in the Gym and Kitchen with my Spinach Mushroom Wrap

The human body is meant to move. It is specifically constructed to walk, run, jump, swim, lift, and carry. Being able to move is an important part of keeping the human body functioning. As I do with my clients, the kind of movement I want you to incorporate into your life (if you haven’t already) depends on what’s going on with you. It depends on what you are eating, what your environment is like, what health issues you have, and metabolic pathways we are attempting to rebalance.

Choose what movement feels good to you, but be sure it meets these requirements:

  • It should not hurt.
  • It should not exhaust you. Exhaustion encourages dysfunction in metabolic pathways.
  • It should not be overstimulating and negatively stressful. Negative stress encourages dysfunctional metabolic pathways. If you are exercising like an athlete, you must feed yourself like an athlete. There has to be a balance between the way in which you push your body and the way in which you nurture it.
  • Exercising for metabolic repair (as opposed to training for a competition, for example) should not make you feel ill - nauseated, headache-y, or as if you have a fever or swollen lymph glands, either during or afterward. These are all signs that you are utilizing a dysfunctional metabolic pathway and overly stressing your body.

If your movement of choice does any of these things - causes pain, exhaustion, or overstimulation, or makes you feel ill in any way - then it isn’t right for you at this point in your life, as you are seeking to heal your metabolism. It is not the right movement for you now.

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