New to yoga? 4 videos for beginners

Lowering your stress levels is the key to soothing your adrenals, reducing cortisol production, and unleashing your body’s full fat-burning potential. That’s why Phase Three of the Fast Metabolism Diet includes at least one session of soothing movement or bodywork.

If you haven’t had a chance to truly relax for a while, it may be hard to remember how! Try yoga. It’s active enough that you feel a real sense of accomplishment, but its net effect on your body is still a soothing one. Group classes are a great way to get started, but you can also practice on your own.

If you have access to Netflix or another TV-on-demand service, you might already have free yoga videos at your fingertips, ready to stream — or you can invest in a DVD or two that will, for the price of a single yoga class, keep you in Om for months. If you’re wondering where to get started, try these popular yoga DVDs for beginners:

Accessible and Breath-Oriented

In Crunch’s Candlelight Yoga, instructor Sara Ivanhoe guides you through a flowing practice designed to energize, relax, and restore your body. She keeps the focus on breathing and meditation throughout — both great tools for helping you get back in touch with your body and unleash the full fat-burning power of your metabolism.

Not Ready for Acrobatics?

You don’t have to be a stick-thin contortionist to follow the workouts in Yoga for the Rest of Us. Peggy Cappy does a great job of leading you through workouts that can be easily modified to suit any body type. Can’t touch your toes, unsure of your balance? This is the DVD for you — but it’s still athletic enough to challenge more fit beginners.

Emphasis on Safety

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams is designed for mid-life adults in their 40s to 70s, but the emphasis on good alignment and self-awareness will appeal to safety-conscious novices of any age. The five workouts teach you not only how to do each pose safely but how to move in and out of them safely, too.

Not a Yoga Fan?

If you’re not a fan of yoga but still want yoga-style benefits, give Lastics a try. Donna Flagg’s dance-inspired stretching system is entirely original, but still soothes and corrects the body misalignments we so easily fall into throughout the day.