Nudging Your Metabolism Off A Plateau

There are a number of reasons why your weight loss might stall for a bit on the Fast Metabolism Diet. Here are some ways to give your body a little push.

Weight plateaus are normal and natural in the cycle of weight loss and metabolism repair, so they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. But we don’t want a plateau to be where your body sets up permanent residence. Your body is going through lots of changes. You are detoxing, rebuilding, repairing, excreting, digesting and eliminating – and at times it is important for the body in repair to pause and take a breather.

Your body therefore might respond in some unique ways. You might lose lots of weight on one week, then gain a little of it back the next week. Or you might not lose anything for a week. Especially in the first month of the Fast Metabolism Diet, that’s not uncommon at all. So slow or no weight loss for a few days is nothing to worry about. But there’s a difference between feeling a healthy pause and feeling stuck.

Here are the two most common things my clients report:

1. Your weight loss has stalled for more than two weeks, despite sticking to the plan

2. You’re nearing your goal weight and just can’t lose those last pounds.

Either of those sound familiar?

We posted previously on some strategies for getting past a plateau: Mixing up your foods, incorporating more veggies, and switching up your exercise. But here are some additional things my clients have success with.


If you tend to lose more weight on Phase 2, then think about extending it to three days. So that would be two days of Phase 1, then three of Phase 2, and two of Phase 3. You can do this up to two weeks in a row.

But if you typically feel best and lose weight on Phase 1, then extend Phase 1. So three days of Phase 1, two of Phase 2 and two of Phase 3.

Shift your grains

If you think your body has a hard time with whole grains, then consider shifting to grains with lower carbs. If you’ve been eating brown rice, try switching to quinoa. If you’ve been eating lots of quinoa, try wild rice.

And if you think grains are really giving you trouble, then try swapping a starchy vegetable for a grain for some meals. For example, enjoy a sweet potato instead of a side of quinoa with your steak.

Add veggies to your snacks

The cellulose in vegetables help emulsify fat in the body – that’s why I emphasize them so much. Try adding a vegetable to your snacks, especially in Phase 3, to help process those healthy fats.

close up of carrots, onions, and turnips on wood counter top.

Puree some strategic vegetables

When fruit or vegetables get dropped, what happens? They bruise. And at the site of the bruise, the flesh begins to break down very quickly. The same thing happens when we chew our food, but most of us don’t chew our food enough.
You can help this process along by pureeing or blending some of your veggies to activate enzymes in foods that help break down nutrients.
Certain veggies are especially good, like cucumber, radish, daikon radish, spinach and kale. And try adding basil, which in particular can be a good plateau-buster. Check out some of these green smoothie ideas.

Try cabbage tea

Cabbage is a very special veggie. And when boiled, cabbage releases enzymes to the water than can in turn help activate the production of bile to process fats. Boil 1/2 head of cabbage in water for about 30 minutes. Then drink the water (warm or chilled) as a tonic. Try drinking 1/2 cup before bed. For some, this can also be effective as a mild sleep aid.

Pucker up

Lemon can also aid digestion and prompt the body to efficiently process proteins and nutrients. The peel contains more nutrients than the juice, and it’s known for its ability to stimulate digestion through the activation of gastric juices. Here’s how to get the most out of your lemon: With a vegetable peeler, peel strips of the rind and add to a glass jar or container. Add boiling water to cover, and steep for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, juice the lemon. Strain the water into a cup and add the lemon juice. Enjoy hot or iced.

Belly Flat Salad

Here is an easy, unique and delicious way to mix up your foods and flood the body with a rainbow of fast metabolism phytonutrients. Use this as part of breakfast, lunch or as one of your fruit snacks on Phase 1.

Phase 1 | Serves 1

1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup diced cucumber
1 cup diced papaya
1 teaspoon fresh cilantro

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy.