Peek into my suitcase: Haylie’s travel tips

I was so inspired by Terry Jones and his amazing journey to health on the Fast Metabolism Diet – all while traveling 80 out of 150 days! Terry shared some of his own travel tips, and as a fellow road warrior, I’d like to share my own on-the-road tips.

You can read Terry’s story and travel tips here.

Haylie’s Travel Essentials

1. Pack your crash stash

I always, always find room in my carry-on for Crash Stash snacks – items you can use on any Phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet. Stash hard fruits like apples and oranges in your bag for Phase 1. Pomroy’s Peppered Turkey Jerky is my go-to Phase 2 snack. And for Phase 3, I love those little individually packed mini-bags of raw almonds.

Another fruit tip? Freeze your mango or berries in a plastic storage container, then pop it into your carry-on bag when you head to the airport. By the time you’re ready for it, it will have thawed, but will still be cold.

Other essentials? When I travel, my bowels tend to move faster than I do, and Smooth Move keeps my GI tract happy. And because airplanes are crammed with people (and their viruses), Yogi Immune Tea shores up my defenses.

2. Hit the local health-food store

I look up local shops online before I leave. Upon arrival, the health food store is one of my first stops. I pick up spring water, seasonal fruits, hummus, deli meat, almond milk – anything I couldn’t pack. While many large grocery stores have a good selection of organic/healthy foods, I really find the best, most unique items at the smaller local shops. Plus it’s great to support these small businesses.

3. Ask your hotel for a fridge

Even if it’s not listed as an included amenity, hotels always have a small fleet of mini-fridges on hand for those who require refrigerated medicines or have special dietary needs. Call ahead of time and request a fridge in your room. Make it clear that you need for special dietary items and any fees should be waived.

While you’re at it, ask for an electric kettle as well. I use the hot water to make tea as well as my morning oatmeal. I love our Country Choice Instant Steel Cut Oats.

4. Ring up the restaurant

Often, others at my destination are planning my time, including eating out. I ask for the restaurant’s name in advance so I can check out the menu online. No online menu? Just call the restaurant and talk to the staff about your dietary needs, and what substitutions are available. Doing this “legwork” in advance really makes ordering smoother. Want more restaurant tips? See my post on dining out.

5. Swab some almond oil

With so many people (and viruses) in close quarters, it’s no wonder people pick up colds on airplanes. I like to rub a little almond oil inside my nostrils prior to my flight. The oil acts as a physical barrier, protecting your mucous membranes from germs and viruses. This is a great tip any time you’re in a crowded environment.

Want more tips? Check out my earlier post on family road trips.