Pregnancy, nursing and the Fast Metabolism Lifestyle

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question from a new or soon-to-be mom: Can I still do the Fast Metabolism Diet?

As always, please talk to your doctor or midwife about your particular nutritional needs during pregnancy and nursing. You may have additional needs that go beyond the general guidelines I give to most of my clients. I always work in partnership with my clients’ medical caregivers, and you should too.

I’m pregnant!

Hurray!! I’m so happy for you! Your body’s focus now is on nurturing and sustaining your baby. That’s why I don’t like my clients dieting during pregnancy.

However, high nutrition is a huge priority for you and your baby, and you can nourish the both of you by following many of the principals of the Fast Metabolism Diet.

I typically recommend that my pregnant clients hang in Phase 3 while following the “rules” of no wheat, caffeine, sugar, soy, dairy, corn or alcohol.

Phase 3 has the omega 3 fatty acids your baby needs for brain development, along with all the great micro-nutrients in the wide range of proteins, fruits, and veggies on Phase 3.

In addition, I recommend upping your protein intake as your pregnancy progresses. My typical recommendation to my clients is 60 grams per day during the first trimester, 80 grams during the second, and 100 grams per day during the third trimester.

(A 4-ounce serving of chicken breast has about 35 grams of protein.)

I’m nursing!

I have clients who come to me practically straight out of the hospital wanting to lose their baby weight. But slowwwww down, momma! As a nursing mom, you’re still eating for two, and that means losing weight should take a back seat to milk production and quality right now.

But again, the foods on the Fast Metabolism Diet are just what you need.

For my nursing clients, it’s okay if they want to loosely follow the phases on the Fast Metabolism Diet. BUT — I want them to load up on fruit, which keeps milk production up and nutrient quality high.

I generally recommend five servings of fruit on EVERY phase (yes, even Phase 2) for my new moms. On Phase 2, go for the lower glycemic fruits like Asian pear and berries. But if there’s any drop off at all in milk production, I have them switch to higher glycemic apples, pears, melon and tropical fruits.