Primary Signs of Metabolic Dysfunction

If it has become easier for you to gain weight than to lose weight, your body is in some state of metabolic dysfunction. I define metabolic dysfunction as the inability to effectively burn fat for fuel and the uncanny ability to store fat in unwanted and undesirable locations on or around the personal body. But your metabolism didn’t get that way randomly. It isn’t working as well as it could because that is how your body responded to something in your environment. Metabolism dysfunction is a survival mechanism. There is a “why” behind what is going on with you. Maybe your body isn’t getting the micronutrients it needs, so it has to shut down some systems in order to keep functioning. Maybe you have been under stress, and your body was storing fat for an emergency. Maybe you will never know the reason, but trust me when I tell you that there is a reason. Your body is not stupid, and your body is not capricious. It does its best for you in every moment of living. Now it’s your turn to do your best for your body.

But before we can know for sure what is best for your individual body, we need to assess your current level of metabolic dysfunction. How far off the path have you gone? Where are you right now? This will help us determine what you need, to get your metabolism back to full function and robust working order. 

Primary Signs of Metabolic Dysfunction

If you are in a state of metabolic dysfunction, your body is already trying to tell you that. Put a check mark next to any questions to which you can answer YES:

  • Have you noticed the sudden appearance of fat where you never had fat before, like belly fat, fat along the bra strap line, protruding hip fat, or fat under the arms or behind the knees?
  • Are you feeling joint or muscle pain not related to an injury, especially all over, or on both sides of your body at the same time? 
  • Have you noticed that your energy is lower than usual?
  • Have you been experiencing mood swings you can’t seem to control very well, like sudden irritability, crying, anger, or sadness?
  • Are you having trouble getting to sleep, or are you waking up in the middle of the night and not able to fall back to sleep easily?
  • Are you experiencing disturbing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, hair loss or gain, PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual migraines, or lack of libido?
  • Do you feel cold all the time even when other people don’t, or are your hands or feet always cold? 
  • Do you think you get too easily stressed, out of proportion to the situation? 

Has your doctor told you that you have abnormal results on any of the following labs? 

  • ☐ Vitamin D deficiency
  • ☐ Elevated total cholesterol
  • ☐ Low HDL cholesterol
  • ☐ High LDL cholesterol
  • ☐ Elevated hemoglobin A1C
  • ☐ Elevated fasting blood sugar
  • ☐ Elevated c-reactive protein (CRP) or other inflammatory markers

Have you received any of the following diagnoses from your doctor?

  • ☐ Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • ☐ Endometriosis and/or adenomyosis
  • ☐ Hypothyroidism
  • ☐ Autoimmune disease

If you checked three or more of the items on the first list, two or more items on the list of tests, or even one item on the diagnosis list, I want you to know that your condition is not normal. Your metabolism is not working like it should, and it is calling out to you for something. Don’t be mad at your body. Be curious. Listen. And most importantly, don’t be okay with the situation. Metabolic dysfunction is not something that “just happens” with age or overeating or menopause or whatever you have been blaming your weight gain and low energy on recently. There are plenty of healthy people with fast-burning metabolisms who are older, or who eat a lot, or who are in menopause. You probably know them. And you can be one of them. You need to repair your metabolism…and fast. 


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