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Your body is a beautifully complex laboratory of biochemical reactions, and all it takes to get you stuck is for one little thing to go wrong. Maybe it is inflammation and water retention? Maybe it is a digestive problem? Maybe it’s your hormones? Your body wants to be slim, healthy, strong and energized. If it’s not, then something in the system has gone awry. Something has gotten stuck.

In my world, food is medicine. My specialty is healing and sculpting bodies using food. Some of you might know my book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, in which I offer a total rehab for your metabolism. But my new book, The Burn, is laser-focused on your weight loss plateaus and chronic health woes. Instead of choosing foods based on their micronutrients or glycemic index, for The Burn I’ve selected foods, herbs, teas, spices and food combinations for their thermogenic index or their ability to BURN through the barriers that are keeping you from your goals.

I designed The Burn Quiz to help you find out WHY your scale is stuck and what you should EAT about it.

How It Works

You’ll be asked a series of 29 questions about your health. These questions will help identify if your symptoms are being caused by inflammation, digestive dysfunction, or a hormonal imbalance.  You’ll be asked questions like:

  • Is your face puffy? Are your cheekbones MIA?
  • Do your arms and legs feel thicker than they should?
  • Are your socks leaving marks around your ankles?
  • Is your belly bloated?
  • Are you having more gas than usual?
  • Is your hair dry and “crispy”?
  • Are you losing hair at the crown of your head, or growing it in weird places, like on your chin?
  • Are your heels cracked and dry?

The Results 

Depending on which issues you are experiencing, or which is causing you the most difficulty (many people have problems with more than one), your answers will determine which nutrition plan from The Burn is most appropriate for you.  The results will be one of the following:

  1. I-Burn –  a 3-day plan that targets your body’s reaction to food by nourishing and restoring the organs and systems that manage toxin removal: your kidneys, lymphatic system, and bladder. This is a high-speed toxin purge that is designed to reduce edema and scavenge cellulite. The result will be fast, effective weight loss. You can lose up to three pounds in three days.
  2. D-Burn – a 5-day plan that targets your body’s digestion and assimilation of foods by soothing and healing the mucosal lining. You are going to stimulate the right digestive enzymes to not only break down the food you eat, but also digest and eliminate the excess fat you will be burning through. You could lose up to five pounds in five days eating incredible food.
  3. H-Burn – a 10-day plan that targets your body’s transformation of food into hormones by facilitating the work of the liver, gallbladder and thyroid. On the H-Burn you will attack stubborn hormone-induced fat, stabilize your hormonal balance, and soothe your mood while you smooth your new, unwelcomed bulges. You will bust through your most stubborn weight loss plateaus. You could lose up 10 pounds in 10 days.

Getting Started

Along with your quiz results you will be offered 3 FREE Burn recipes to get started.

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