The 3 “R’s” for Energy Repair Using Food Rx

Do you ever feel tired, lethargic, or simply exhausted? Do you find yourself feeling disconnected, or not well rested no matter how much you sleep? When your energy is constantly fluctuating, when you feel fatigued, exhausted or suffer from major highs and lows during the day, your body is whispering. You need a metabolic prescription. You need Fast Metabolism Food Rx to get to the solution.


My clients come to me when doctors tell them that everything “looks fine” – but in reality, they know something is wrong because they just can’t seem to get out of an energy slump. They are right. The body is always right, it’s always talking, and it’s about time we listen. I’ve created a life-changing plan; a prescriptive playbook that will help you build your health dream team. Together, we’re going to feed your body a powerful medicine (real food that is), to release locked energy and repair you back to health. With Fast Metabolism Food Rx, we’ll understand why your energy levels are fluctuating and what these whispers are telling you. We’re going to get you the strong, energized body you deserve. Let’s start on how we’re going to revamp your metabolism for abundant energy.

The 3 R’s for Energy Repair

We’re going to target four specific metabolic pathways to remove and repair what’s not working and restore the body back to health.

  1. Remove. We’re going to remove blockages in the body that are preventing adequate sugar and fat metabolism. This will help to remove what’s blocking the creation of energy into your body.
  2. Repair. We will repair mitochondrial function with targeted power foods that help to fix what has been damaged by stress, whether it is from overexertion, disease, injury, physical trauma, or environmental trauma.
  3. Restore. We will focus on restoration to get you back to burning sugar and fat for fuel. Through food and lifestyle changes, we’ll restore a vibrant you that has an abundance of energy at your fingertips.

3 Way’s to Remove, Repair and Restore your body for Abundant Energy

  1. Eat to Treat. With Fast Metabolism Food Rx, I’ll give you a specific meal map and food prescription with delicious recipes like my family’s favorite pineapple stir-fry for dinner, or a spinach mushroom wrap for breakfast – which you can find in the book. We will focus on a 2-part meal map to target the four specific metabolic pathways in the body.
    Include high glycemic fruits and healthy fats. We will start the week using high glycemic fruits and adding lots of healthy fats to metabolize fat and provide the body with natural sugars. We’ll be removing complex carbs in the forms of grains, and strategically placing vegetables to stimulate enzymes that will stabilize your blood sugar.
    Remove dietary fats. By the end of the week, we’ll be pulling out the dietary fats so the body can begin to catabolize any stored fat for energy. This will stimulate the pathway for metabolic energy repair.
    Include my Top Power Foods for Energy Repair. In Fast Metabolism Food Rx, I list specific vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and grains to include in as many of your meals and snacks as often as possible. A few of which include: asparagus, celery, cucumbers, grapefruits, lemons, quinoa, and spinach just to name a few. These power foods will strategically target your metabolic pathways.
  2. Restore Your Energy Balance with a Lifestyle Approach.
    Exercise for More Energy. Sometimes less is more, and that’s especially true with adrenal fatigue and repairing energy metabolism. Exercising at a slower pace and earlier in the day, preferably before 2 p.m., is more likely to stimulate these natural pathways and prevent excess stress on your adrenal system.
    Sleep for More Energy. The biggest paradigm shift I see with my clients is when we work on understanding the value of rest for restoration. The more vital energy you create, the better your body will be able to adapt to changes in its environment and various stressors. With your Fast Metabolism Prescription, we’ll focus on strategies to make your sleep as powerful and rejuvenating as possible.
    Reduce Stress for More Energy. For energy restoration, focus on passive techniques – things that happen to you rather than things you have to do. Get a massage or use essential oils to rebalance your energy pathways.
  3. Team up with your Doc. Share with your doctor that you are working on your diet and lifestyle for repairing your energy. Along with baseline tests at your annual physical, there may be a few other tests that will be helpful to get the bigger picture of what is going on. I’ll tell you what labs to look for that might traditionally be missed in other lab tests.

Fast Metabolism Food Rx is Your Playbook

With Fast Metabolism Food Rx, we’re going to understand the root cause as to why your energy is fluctuating and how to get you back to your vibrant, energetic self. This is a practical guide, a prescription for how to partner with your doctor, how to ask for medical tests and how to incorporate those tests for success. We’ll work through Self-Assessments and Whole-Body Diagnosis Quizzes, meal maps, and amazing recipes.

I always ask my clients when they first walk into my office, “If I had a magic wand what would you want from your body?” Similarly, I want you to dream big, and I want to help you build your dream team to get you there. I’ve created this prescription for you to feed your body back to health. You’re the captain of your team, and this is your playbook. It’s time to get to work.