The Kitchen is my Pharmacy. Could a Breakfast Beef Wrap Cure your Cravings?

Indeed, your entire day is full of potential opportunities for changing the structure of your body and the flavor of your mood. As your life changes, your nutrient needs change, too. Will you degrade your tissue - or build it? Will you support the mood you want - or foil it? Will you remodel muscle - or add fat?

One good example of how this works is in regards to insulin. The way insulin works in the first half of the day is different from the way it works in the second half. Insulin output tends to decline after 2:00 p.m. In the average body, on an average day, under average demands. Insulin is a storage hormone that determines whether the sugar you eat (whether in the form oh a piece of bread, a piece of fruit, or a candy bar) will be taken into the cell to be burned for fuel or to be stored as fat. This is why I ask you to eat differently in the morning than in the evening. How you feed yourself in the first half of the day versus the second half has everything to do with whether you are supporting or fighting your body’s natural cycle of insulin.

Eating is always the path to better health. The metabolism is complex, but eating meals like my Breakfast Beef Wrap within thirty minutes of waking up gives you the best chance to set things right for the rest of the day. 

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