The Science Behind the Fast Metabolism Diet Quick Start Kit


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Welcome back to my kitchen, or should I say classroom?
On the Fast Metabolism Diet, we talk about three Phases—Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.  These Phases rotate throughout the week. Monday and Tuesday are Phase 1, Wednesday and Thursday are Phase 2, and Friday through Sunday is Phase 3. I've formulated special, convenient shakes for breakfast and/or snacks for each Phase that help boost your health.

Phase 1 Shake

The goals of Phase 1 are to unwind stress, lower cortisol, and get the body prepared to lose weight. So, we use the Phase 1 powder, which is formulated with suntheanine. Suntheanine is a unique amino acid that helps calm the brain from stress hormones. So, if you're under a lot of stress, the Phase 1 Shake is like food for the brain. It can have better adaptation and not elevate cortisol and stimulate belly fat. 
So first, we're lowing the stress in the body, allowing the body to feel like it's OK to lose weight. It doesn't need to crave the carbs because we're eating a lot of (good) complex carbohydrates in Phase 1 of the Fast Metabolism Diet.

Phase 2 Shake

Our Phase 2 powder is what we use on the second Phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet. The reason the Phase 2 Shake powder is so special is because it has L-carnitine and our unique chickpea-based protein powder. The alkaline vegetables in the shake (spinach, kale, and spirulina) help to alkalize the body. The L-carnitine helps encourage the fat cells to release stored fat for fuel. 

Phase 3 Shake

So what makes all this happen? We have to support the hormones in Phase 3 of the Fast Metabolism Diet (my favorite Phase!). In Phase 3, we're going to work to support thyroid metabolism and make sure that we're washing the receptor sites for all our sex hormones. In this Phase, we support our glucocorticoids and our mineral corticoids. DIM, NAC, and alphalopoic acid help the body metabolize healthy hormones, detox the hormones that are not metabolized, and clear the receptor sites so that your body can actually receive those hormones.
I make the powders in the Fast Metabolism Diet Quick Start Kit with an organic, chickpea-based protein. They don't cause that unwanted bloat that a lot of traditional pea-proteins cause. They're also all vegan. 

Metabolism Multi

There is a wonderful supplement in the Fast Metabolism Diet Quick Start Kit. It's called Metabolism Multi. This unique multivitamin is so special and very near and dear to my heart. All the B-vitamins and the folic acid are methylated. As we all know, B-vitamins stimulate the metabolism. Many people who have dieted in the past or have been under tremendous stress can't utilize the B-vitamins that they're taking. So, our formula is unique and specialized. It already does the first four steps in B-vitamin metabolism for you so that you can actually reap all those amazing B-vitamin benefits
Of course, the Fast Metabolism Diet Quick Start Kit comes with my very own, branded, BPA-free Blender Bottle, so you can take your Phase 1, Phase 2, or Phase 3 Shakes on-the-go
This incredible kit makes the Fast Metabolism Diet convenient, and easy to be successful on the Fast Metabolism Diet. It even comes with my two-week Fast Metabolism Diet Quick Start Kit Guide to help you get started.

To purchase your Fast Metabolism Quick Start Kit, CLICK HERE!

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