TOP 10 Must Knows about the Metabolism Revolution

#1 The Food List for the first 14 days of the intervention is strategically selected and limited. You might be asking: Can I have this on Metabolism Revolution?

For the first 14 days of your Revolution, really try to stick with the strategic food list designed for the intervention. You will find this beginning on page 327 of your Metabolism Revolution book. If you are stuck, have allergies, restrictions, or just don’t like the foods on the list, you may swap them out for foods from the Food For Life List in the back of the book beginning on page 329. Make sure to swap like foods!  

For example, a veggie for a veggie or a fruit for a fruit. My clients find the best success keeping the food list very simple and streamlined. At this point in your journey, I recommend you do not include anything, not on the list.

#2 When calculating your Metabolic Intervention Score, Here are a few things to think about. You might be asking: What if my scores are borderline or if Meal Map C looks like too much food?

Calculations and Metabolic Intervention Scores (MIS)

In your book, you will find this on page 43.

The 14 represents 14 days in the calculation. You do not round your calculation to the nearest number. 

Please see below for Meal Map choices associated with your MIS score:

A = More than 10
B = 7.0-9.9
C= Less than 6.9

We want to help you land on the meal map that feels the most comfortable for you. Note that Meal Map C has A LOT of food in it. If you have been doing restrictive or low dieting for a long time and this feels like just too much food to start with, no problem, you can move to Meal Map B instead! 

#3 Everybody has a unique biodiverse experience. You might be asking:  What if I have special dietary concerns (diabetes, food allergies), scheduling conflicts, or need help with meal maps?

You will be happy to know that if you feel like you require any additional support or accommodations, we have an amazing support team ready to assist you with questions.  Please feel free to contact us here.

#4 There is quite a bit of food on this program! You might be asking: I cannot finish all my food, can I skip a snack or carry it over to my next meal?

I want you to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day. You do not have to be perfect in these first 14 days. Just do your best. Do not stress; it slows down the metabolism.

#5 You might be asking: Can I have any cuts of meat on Metabolism Revolution from the Master Food List? For example, lean ground meats, ham, ribs, etc.? What should I be focusing on?

Nice lean cuts are optimal, but you do not have to strive for low-fat options. The fatty parts of meats, as well as organ meats, carry the most toxins so be sure to go organic when selecting fattier cuts.  Also, make sure the meat doesn't have any additives, preservatives, nitrates, salts or sugars.

#6 Your schedule is your schedule, and you can adjust your meal map accordingly!  

You might be asking: Can I switch my breakfast and AM snack like on FMD? What if I am up early and stay up late?

Yes, you can switch your breakfast and AM snack. If your day requires you to get up early and/or stay up 3 hours past your last meal or snack, you can add in an additional snack according to that day's snack requirements. Don’t forget the Free Foods List on page 327 can be eaten at any time. If you find yourself hungry after noshing on free foods, then you may increase your vegetable portion at your next meal. Also, check out this blog post on stress reduction and this one on hydration.  Hunger hormones can sometimes be triggered by stress or dehydration!

#7 The program has some delicious Free Foods! You might be asking: Is there a limit to the Free Foods I can eat? For example, egg whites or Mug Cake?

Again, I would have you try some of our Success Boosters for stress reduction and look at these tips for staying hydrated to make sure your hunger hormones are not being triggered.  Most of my clients find that an additional portion or two of free foods typically does the trick if you feel hungry.  

#8. There are no packaged foods on the food lists. I want your fridge and freezer packaged with good meals that you have made. You might be asking: Can I make my own homemade broth?

Yes, this is a great idea! Because it incorporates cooking meats and veggies at a higher heat and for a longer period, make sure you select organic foods from the list. You can include broth anytime in your meal map. Homemade broth would be unlimited on the plan.

#9: There are some errors in the first print of the Metabolism Revolution book! You might be asking: Do you have a list of corrections for the Metabolism Revolution book?

Yes, the publishers at Harper Collins jumped right on this and provided us with a link. Please click here.  ALL Metabolism Revolution books purchased after April 2018 will contain all the updated information. 


#10 We have food-based meal replacement shakes and strategic metabolism boosting supplements available to support you. You might be asking: Can I have protein shakes and supplements that are not Haylie’s Metabolism brand?

In my many years of manufacturing and formulating, I can't begin to tell you how many times a company that I trusted and recommended changed their raw ingredients or sources without notification. I just can not guarantee the quality or more importantly the cleanliness of something I have not worked with myself.  I have turned a bottle around that says it can help you get healthy and looked at the ingredients and have found them loaded with known obesogens and metabolic disruptors. Go to page 222 where we talk about Metabolic Disruptors; I would recommend getting in touch with any company you are considering to see if they can help you with what purity ingredients they have in their products. Most companies are very helpful when it comes to this. After researching the product, if you feel comfortable using this on your plan, it is entirely up to you. Any changes in your weight loss or any negative effects from using it, please remove it from your plan and substitute it with Haylie’s Metabolism Shakes and Supplements, or foods from the Metabolism Revolution Master Food List.

My FAQ Section on page 105-122 is a MUST read! There are so many solutions there that you may not have ever considered! Go check it out NOW!