Top 3 Questions About The Burn

Is your scale stuck? If so, it’s time to break through plateaus with the Burn! I’m going to help you remove these blocks, remove the underlying problem and lose up to three, five, or ten pounds in just as many days.

The Burn plan offers three proven eating plans to target different causes such as inflammation, digestive dysfunction and hormonal imbalances for stagnant weight loss. Many of my clients do the I-Burn for inflammation, the D-Burn for digestion, and the H-Burn for hormones.

Here are the top three questions I get about the Burn to help you through the process:

Q1. If I met my goal weight thru one of the BURNS, do you recommend maintenance OR should I do a 28 day round of FMD?

A. If you have met your goal weight, then YES you can definitely eat according to Phase 4 (maintenance). There is a great outline in Chapter 10 of The Burn book. Maybe you reached your goal weight, but feel you have more repair that needs to be done. If so, then repeat the Burn or complete a 28-day cycle of the Fast Metabolism Diet.

Remember: food is medicine so you can use the FMD and The Burn plans preventatively and therapeutically. The key is to listen and honor what your body is telling you it needs. Also, you can never eat enough veggies on any of the plans.  The FMD and The Burn plans were strategically designed so you can achieve the clinical results that my clients see every day while nourishing your body with lots of micro-nutrients.

For more information, please see these blogs:

Q2: How often can I repeat a Burn? Can I cycle thru them a few times, I-Burn, D-Burn, H-Burn, repeat? Or do a few rounds of each one?

A: Yes! If you were super stuck and you feel like you are making progress but you haven’t quite shaken loose as fully as you would like, you can do your Burn plan again. I typically do not recommend doing this for more than three cycles.

If you have symptoms and issues related to all three of the plans, and you have done the plan that addressed your most pressing issues, you can go back and do a different plan. You can do all three plans in a row (and then do some again) and get all your systems working better.

Q3: I have enjoyed the success boosters in the Burn. Can I do these during the FMD? If so, which can I do during which phases?

A: Yes, you can use the success boosters during the FMD. Here’s how you can incorporate them:

  • Phase 1: select I-Burn success boosters.
  • Phase 2: select D-Burn success boosters.
  • Phase 3: select H-Burn success boosters.
  • D-Burn success boosters would be good for all the Phases.

If you have more questions about The Burn and how to choose the right plan for you, click HERE.