Why a blender can be your new favorite appliance

What has your blender done for you lately? If the answer’s “not much,” maybe it’s time to trade it in for something that will actually make your life easier. The right blender can chop, blend, cream or puree just about anything you throw in it–but that’s just a start for Vitamix blenders, which delve right into food-processing territory by mixing batter, creating nut milk, grinding grain into flour, and turning nuts into homemade nut butter in seconds.


First of all, this isn’t an infomercial for a Vitamix blender–it’s merely an appliance that Fast Metabolism Dieters have come to love for its extraordinary usefulness in preparing healthy meals and homemade snacks.

Although a Vitamix blender looks like a conventional model, the similarities stop with aesthetics; this appliance can simply do more because it has way more power than a standard counter-top blender. Here’s just some of the stuff you can make with one, aside from the standard blender functions of making smoothies and crushing ice.

  • Sorbet. You can pulverize coconut meat and blend it with ice so quickly that you can serve it right away. With a normal blender, you’d end up with a soupy mess. Check out this recipe for coconut sorbet.
  • Nut butter. It can be hard to find raw nut butter outside a health-food store, but it’s so simple to make your own in a Vitamix. (Raw almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are healthier than roasted varieties since the high-heat roasting process changes their structure and nutrient profile.)
  • Whole-grain flours. If you’re trying to avoid wheat, it’s simple to make your own flours if you have a Vitamix blender with a dry blade and container. It only takes about a minute to mill flour from whole grains like millet, chick peas or brown rice.
  • Dough. Once you’ve made your own flour, you can make dough in the same container by adding yeast and other ingredients.
  • Soup. You can blend and heat soups right in the blender. About 6 minutes is all it takes for the Vitamix to create piping hot butternut squash soup, carrot soup, velvety asparagus soup and more.
  • Almond or cashew milk. You pretty much just add water and blend with raw nuts. Add a pinch of stevia if you like.
  • Whole-fruit juices. A Vitamix can easy easily sub for a juicer. Toss in whole carrots, seeded apples and spinach.
  • Scrambled eggs. In about 4 minutes, you get fluffy, light, fully cooked scrambled eggs made with no oil.

Admittedly, Vitamix blenders are an investment, starting about about $400. But instead of shopping for a new blender in a year or two, you’ll still be making short of work of tough, fibrous greens like kale with your Vitamix. Its shatter-proof, BPA-free container is so tough it’s guaranteed. At up to a half-gallon of blending capacity, a Vitamix is large enough to make smoothies for your entire family in one go. Its blades actually spin fast enough to cook eggs or heat soup until it’s piping hot, and the 2-peak-hp motor is strong enough to grind grains into flour without overheating. To clean, add water and a few drops of dish soap, then turn it on.

The very best feature, though, is its 5- or 7-year warranty (depending on which model you buy), and reviews for Vitamix customer service are great.

Check out some of the reviews on Amazon.com for more ideas on what people are doing with their Vitamix blenders. It’s a splurge to be sure, but it could be worth adding to your wish list.