Episode 9: Big Pharma Buying up the Little Guys. What Supplements are Still Any Good?

PYP 9 | Supplement Round Table


Supplements can change your life when done right! In this episode, wellness consultant and nutritional counselor, Haylie Pomroy invites her community to a supplement round table, where she answers some questions on supplementation and food supplement products. What supplements are best to take daily? What supplements help with stress? Stay tuned as Haylie walks through strategic application of supplementation, potential benefits, and the ideal way to maximize their benefit!


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Big Pharma Buying up the Little Guys. What Supplements are Still Any Good?

We get a lot of questions about supplements and supplementation. For me, it's been something that has completely changed my life. It is a cornerstone for my clinical success but also my personal health journey. I never intended to go out and create supplements that are branded with my name on them. I have been in clinical practice for many years and have embraced a lot of different supplements and products. One thing that started happening in the supplement industry was it became very popular to manufacture supplements that had labels that said B vitamins or something like that but they didn't disclose the source or even efficacy of the raw ingredients. You'll see a lot of stuff out there that says proprietary blend which means they don't want to tell you what's in it, how many milligrams, what's the potency and where was it sourced from.

For my own health and that of my clients and being in clinical practice, I started researching how I could create products that had incredibly pure and effective raw ingredients. I first started formulating for several different companies. I've formulated for eighteen different supplement companies, helping them create products that could make a health impact. I was very frustrated in that industry and in that position because I felt like there was a lot of corner cutting where people would add a little sprinkle of Theanine. It’s this amino acid that's supposed to be amazing for mood elevation and depression. There are all these great studies where they put a little sprinkle of it in so that they could put it on the label, but it wasn't even the source of Theanine like Suntheanine that was tied to those studies. It wasn't even enough to make an impact. It’s like peeing in the ocean. It didn't make an impact.

Reluctantly, I started to create a few products myself that I had total control over the raw ingredients, potency and cleanliness. I also researched a lot of things that were going on in other countries as far as testing. In our line, the one thing that I can say is that if there's something better out there, I will let someone joyfully and successfully sell it. I won't put my name on a label if someone else can manufacture it better because it's not what I set out to do as a nutritionist. If it has our label on it, I have a very strong conviction that there is not a better place to source the ingredient. There is not a better formulation for the ingredient. It's not because of all the expertise that I bring to the table. With my clinic, I believe we have a clinic without walls. I bring in the best of the best from an expertise perspective and seek their advice as well.

The other thing is we cage all of our products after manufacturing and do independent assaying. It's not required in the United States. It's required in some other countries. The reason why we do that is because when you take a product, for example, our Cleanse and you bring multiple nutrients together, each individual nutrient might assay or test clean. When you bring them together, it's critical that you see no levels of any heavy metal, bacterial count, or the fungal count. When you bring those two together, those can elevate. I learned that while I was formulating for two other companies, they decided to play with that theory of caging and testing their product once it was formulated. They had a 98% failure rate testing those products post-blending them and they decided they would never participate in that again. They went ahead and sold their product and they're selling it very successfully.

Essential Supplementation

When I decided to formulate something, I said, “If it doesn't pass post-testing even though we are not required to do that, I'm not going to take it. My clients and my community members aren't going to take it. We will not be offered with my name on it.” We get a lot of questions about our product and I wanted to bring some of our community members and team members as well. We have a couple of people here and I wanted to see what questions you have for me. You guys can ask me anything. I want to start with Tim. You had a question and in case you have to jump off, I wanted to make sure you got your question answered.

Thank you, Haylie. If I'm healthy, what are the most important supplements to take?

First, when you tell me you're healthy, I want to make sure that you filled out your health wishlist that there's not anything that I can challenge you to want a little bit more in your health and wellness. It might be to increase your speed if you're running, to sleep a little deeper, to have a little more energy in the afternoon. First and foremost, I want to make sure that you're not healthy but you're outrageously healthy. Secondly, a general overall important supplement protocol in my opinion is to make sure that you're taking a very high-quality multivitamin. I would say everybody every day should be taking a quality multivitamin. A little trick is to turn around right now if you're taking a multivitamin and make sure that your B vitamins are methylated. I'm going to give you a tip.

If it says cyanocobalamin, throw it in the trash. If it says methylcobalamin, odds are that they have invested in a B Vitamin that comes from a cleaner raw ingredient and one that's more bioavailable. That's the first rule of thumb whenever I'm looking for a multivitamin. If I know if it's full of crap because if they're not investing in that, I will tell you when they get to things that are expensive as a raw ingredient. Your amino acids, you want to make sure that they're chelated. We purchased the raw ingredient from a patented formula of chelated amino acids. What chelated means is they're wrapped up so that they pass into the gut. They pass the acidity of the stomach and they can be absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream.

If they're not chelated and they're thrown in a bottle for you to take, you're making very expensive urine. We want to make sure it doesn't pass through in a water form that you urinate out. We want to make sure that it gets taken up into the bloodstream and it helps level the playing field. That's what a multivitamin should do. We are a big stickler for probiotics. Probiotics are so important. What's happening right now is a lot of people in a lot of places are using hand sanitizers and countertop sanitizers. These sanitizers are antimicrobial. They're designed to break down the protein layer that's wrapping around the virus or bacteria like foodborne illness or a viral infection. The problem is we're ingesting a ton of that stuff right now. It's non-discriminate. Meaning it kills the good bacteria and the good flora that exists in our bodies.

We're under siege. We all know that probiotics are phenomenal for the immune system. They're great for mood and elevation because of serotonin and dopamine. Those help bind with those receptor sites. They're phenomenal because they're anti-yeast, antifungal and they're strong for inflammation. They're profound in weight loss resistance. Individuals that can't lose weight, a healthy probiotic supplementation can be important. We're seeing in this industry that people are doing what they call fecal transplants where they're having bacteria from other people's GI tracks inserted as a fecal transplant. I would say your need your multi, probiotic, and then you definitely want a fatty acid.

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Fatty acids are complicated. They're the building blocks for all of your hormones, your sex hormones, and your anti-inflammatory hormones. The issue with fatty acids is a lot of people take fish oils or krill oils. You have to be careful if you take the Omega-3s without eight vegetable-based non-soy Omega-6. What we find in research is that they can be pro-inflammatory if you're already in an inflammatory cycle. If you have no pain, if you have regular hormones, the fish oils can be okay and adequate to take. If you fall into the category where you have any pain, any hormone issues, you want to turn your bottle around and make sure that it's not animal and soy-derived. Those would be the top three things, Tim, that I would not walk around the world without. I could go on forever, but I want to make sure that I get everybody's questions answered. Let's talk about some more specialty supplements and more therapeutic use. Thanks, Tim. Katie, you’re on.

Haylie, is it more beneficial to take the Bye-Bye Belly Fat or Fat Blaster together or separately?

That's a fabulous question and a question that we get a lot on the community. What I've done is I've taken three supplements that we use therapeutically, and I call them a supplement trio. You mentioned two of them. One is the Bye-Bye Belly Fat and the Fat Blaster. Theoretically, let's go high level first. The Bye-Bye Belly Fat is nutrients. As a nutritionist, it frustrates me. You'll see these great double blind studies that say salicylic acid or suntheanine or CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is in the Bye-Bye Belly Fat. It helps midsection weight gain loss or stabilize blood sugar.

All these companies don't use the raw ingredient that was used in the study. It's so frustrating for me and people don't realize or recognize the results. In the Bye-Bye Belly Fat, it's designed to help balance and bring to homeostasis. The nutrients are designed that separate midsection weight gain that's soft and fluffy. A lot of women that are going through menopause or perimenopause, a lot of men are going through menopause will start to notice this section feeling soft and squishy. That's the indication that the Bye-Bye Belly Fat would be a good one. We have two things in that one. There's DIM which helps metabolize non-metabolized sex hormones. Think estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

The conjugated linoleic acid is a particular fatty acid that helps stabilize blood sugar distribution and insulin resistance. A lot of times when we're talking about that spare tire, people talk about insulin resistance. We want to use that nutrient to help create homeostasis so the body scavenges that fat for fuel. The third thing is metabolism free radicals. Free radical nutrients help support the hormones of inflammation. We have inflammation, blood sugar stabilization and hormone metabolism in that bundle. That's more of what we call the physiology of fat gain, of proliferation of fat cells, the hormones of it. The Fat Blaster is a little more the anatomy of the fat cell itself. When we create fat cells, when we produce more, they stretch when they get full like a big garbage bag that gets full.

The anatomy of it is it’s got a hard outer shell. When it releases, we have what we call fat-soluble toxins because that's what we store in our fat cells. When fat cell is buoyant or stretched, it imbalances things called leptin and adiponectin so hormones stimulate more fat cells. What do I say to my husband when we're cleaning up leaves in the yard and I've got a trash bag that's about to burst with leaves. I say, “Go get me more trash bags.” When the fat cells are stretched, we tell our brain and the physiology of the body to get me more trash bags or more fat cells. That's why we put the metabolism histamine in this formula. Metabolism histamine helps lower the tautness of the fat cells which helps the cascade of saying, “I don't need any more garbage bags.”

If I'm collecting leaves in the yard and I've got a garbage bag that's not full, I'm not going to call for more garbage bags. The enzymes in that Fat Blaster helps to break down the outer shell. What happens when we break down the outer shell of the fat cell is it releases the toxins. If we don't have something to bind and take away those toxins, they go to another garbage bag or another fat cell. That's why we see individuals that have liposuction. If they don't change their diet and don't change their hormone protocol or they will remove those fat cells, they will gain fat in other areas. We get individuals that have midsection liposuction that get a lot of upper body fat distribution that they'd never had in their life before if we don't go in and balance the metabolism.

When those fat cells are released, when the enzymes break it, we're starting to squish it and shrink it. We use a natural chelator in metabolism metals. That chelator doesn't provide a lot of nutrients for the body. It goes in and it binds. It's like a magnet and it's got nutrients in it that help fiber move things out through the colon. It has a chelator which binds the newly released toxins and then it has something that helps promote moving it out of the bowel. Why we're storing fat is Bye-Bye Belly Fat and how to chisel it free is Fat Blaster. You can take them together. A lot of my clients take the Bye-Bye Belly Fat, but they still take enzymes with each of their meals.

If you're using it therapeutically to break down fat, that's the whole enzyme debate on our website. You want to move those enzymes away from your meal and between your meals so they're in the bloodstream without as much food nutrients in the bloodstream. Some people take the Bye-Bye Belly Fat all the time because they had midsection weight gain. They've sculpted their belly back and they're like, “I don't ever want that to happen again.” It helps regulate their cycles. It's alleviated their hot flashes or they're sleeping deeply. They say, “You're never taking me off the Bye-Bye Belly Fat.” That’s totally fine but they might have allergies and they layer in the histamine. If you're using them therapeutically, I love you to do one month, then one month.

If you're using it to get the weight off, when you come to a place where you're wanting to hold, do the Bye-Bye Belly Fat and then layer in the histamine and the enzymes if you need that nutritionally. The caveat that I want to say, the Fat Blaster, you use the enzymes differently than you're using it so the enzymes help take food and break it down into nutrients which heal the metabolism. When you're using it to chisel the fat, you take that enzyme. Instead of doing it at breakfast, lunch and dinner, you move it into between meals. That's when the Fat Blaster should always be taken which is between meals. I had a client that needed knee surgery and the insurance wouldn't approve it until we lost 27 pounds so we did Fat Blaster and Belly Fat every other week to get his body responding. Confuse it to lose it. Remember that.

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Thank you so much.

Leilani, thanks for coming. Do you have any questions for me?

I would like to talk to you about Control. That is one of my favorite supplements that you have. It does help me with my cravings, but I also noticed if I miss it, I'm not as happy. I was wondering if you can go into why.

Metabolism Control is an interesting product. I first started using that product when I had a lot of clients that we were dealing with a lot of heavy addiction. At the time, I was working with a lot of clients that were using some heavy drugs and heavy medication. I was brought in on a project. I was working with an addiction facility and they were having me come in and formulate some nutrients that would help nourish the brain and the adrenals as quickly as possible. In this particular case, it was heroin and they were going onto methadone. They asked me to come in and formulate some nutrients that would help with the withdrawals. I started researching a lot of what happens in the brain with cravings and the genetic aspects of that too. I found that there are nutrients that we can uptake and absorb and that help one clean the receptor sites.

I then went on and worked in a large group of individuals that were using serotonin resource absorption inhibitors. Prozac and Zoloft, a lot of the antidepressant drugs. Anytime I get to work in those condensed environments and they're looking at the pharmacology of the drug and I'm looking at the nutraceutical aspect of the supplement it makes me ponder again, back to the metabolism, what can we maximize in our bodies and what can we nourish to flourish? That's how metabolism control came about. A lot of our clients that struggle with afternoon fatigue, with afternoon cravings, with coffee withdrawals, with sugar cravings swear by that. They won't go without it, but the part that's so important to me is with the metabolism. When you look again, it goes into that balancing, helping those neuro-transmitters in the mood elevation and stabilization. It works three prongs. There are nutrients in there that help balance what we call the triple warmer.

The pituitary thyroid and adrenals, they're in Chinese medicine. They call it the triple warmer in Western medicine. It's the hormone feedback loop. It helps make that symphony of hormones a little more instinct. That's one. There are three cascades of nutrients in that product. The other is there are nutrients in the product that helps wash the receptor sites for your feel-good hormones. The ones that make you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, or when you get butterflies or when something happens and it brings you joy to the point where you physiologically feel it in your body. Those are secreted oftentimes, but the receptor sites in our brain get gummed up. People get to where they don't feel joy. They don't hear music as innately. It's one that we use a lot with our musicians, or a lot of our sound producers because it helps those receptor sites in the brain be able to receive all of our senses.

Supplementation For Stress

I would imagine your body's sucked that part of this nutrient. It’s why you feel the mood elevation piece of it. The other is there are nutrients in here that are designed to feed an area of the brain that helps the left brain. Taking thought and putting it into action. A lot of my younger clients that use terms like ADD or ADHD, we're looking to nourish or nurture the brain. I have clients that were studying for a huge bar exam and one that was getting their PhD in Endocrinology. This is brain food. It helps integrate that thought, the left brain, into substance, the right brain. It's a three-pronged product and it's one of the reasons why you feel that mood elevation. I'm glad you love it. It was a crazy journey that took me to that one from heroin to antidepressants to the physiology of sugar addiction. There is a lot of crazy, amazing science around that. Steve, you're up.

Thanks for doing this Haylie. This is a lot of fun. I'm sure your phone's been blowing up this past couple of months. We appreciate you spending some time with us. Speaking about what's going on. My family takes the full complement of your supplements every day, and we've been very healthy through this time period but what about stress? There's obviously a lot of stress and stressful times. Is there something you have for us that's specifically targeted towards helping us to deal with what's going on?

Tim had said making sure you have the basic building blocks, the multi, the probiotic and the fatty acids. I drink too. I do metabolism energy and then I drink the metabolism stress. What we talked with Leilani, the multiprong approach. Stress is a funny thing because we always think of stress as negative. We think stress is killing us. Stress is causing heart disease, promoting inflammation, but stress is a trigger to stimulate our adaptive hormones, which are the most beautiful and amazing things in our bodies. They help us know if our tiger’s on our tail to run. We want those sharp as a sword. They tell us to feel love, to feel the passion. Stressors are like what's going on environmentally, physiological, and on issues. You watch the news.

When the stressors drag our body down, it's because we're not nurturing ourselves enough to have those swift and savvy adaptation hormones. There are tons of research on magnesium and stress and stress hormones. Again, I'm going to try not to get on my soapbox but there are so many awful wrong readings in magnesium. When we go and purchase a wrong gradient, you get this scale and it's like $0.02 per milligram or $2.20 per milligram. The variation is crazy. You want to make sure that you use magnesium a lot. Magnesium goes right into the colon and they require hydration, water. That's why people use magnesium as a laxative. Epson salt is magnesium. You want to use strategic magnesium that's designed to permeate through the blood-brain barrier.

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When we were researching this product, there was a lot of junk out there, but we found a patented raw ingredient that we could purchase. The studies and the research on it, I hurt my heart to think about how much benefit kids or adults or anybody could have from a nutrient this. You want to research your magnesium and you want to make sure that it's a quality one. The two other things are it's a mood elevator, but it helps wash those receptor sites. It doesn't matter what you're eating, what you're doing, how you're exercising if the receptor sites for the hormones. Think about the lock and key. If there's gum in your door lock, it doesn't matter how many sets of keys you have manufactured or the quality of the key that you have manufactured. That lock has to be receptive to that hormone.

That's why for me, when I started formulating, I saw people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturing on these products and even buying good raw ingredients. I was doing formulation in the fertility world and they weren't having it. That’s a nice environment to study. Either you get pregnant or you don't. Either you're ovulating or you don’t. They're doing PGD quality of the eggs. It gave me the opportunity to see that if you put the super high-quality nutrient, our magnesium, but you don't put something that helps wash the receptor site, you can make expensive urine. The stress blend is a beverage. We made it in a powder beverage because even though we have a slow release, we wanted it to be able to be absorbed efficiently while you're being hydrated into the bloodstream.

The other piece that stress has, if you're looking for a stress-based supplement, you don't want to use mine. Check out your magnesium checkouts that it has L-Theanine so that it helps with those receptor sites and that it has support for what's called GABA. It helps to nourish a particular part of the brain that moves left brain-right brain integration. A lot of the GABA research is with individuals that have a brain injury and brain trauma. I first started researching GABA when I was working with Dr. McIntosh at the brain injury recovery center in Colorado and the benefits and the support of it. Those are the three things that I would say.

Steve, you can look at the Food Rx Program for stress, but you guys are wanting me to ask about the supplement piece. Make sure that you take a high-quality theanine, suntheanine, GABA and magnesium that can be absorbed into the blood-brain barrier. I start geeking out on this. I'm washing my hormone receptor sites well. People, I am a die-hard. When you're in my home, when you travel the world with me, you will see that I live and breathe natural therapies and it's changed my life. I hope that it changes yours for the better. I hope that you have incredible health every single day. I'd love to have you on and ask you questions or have you ask me questions. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for the questions. I will talk to you all soon.


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