Episode 11: Carb Cravings- What is your Body Trying to Tell You?

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Have you been craving carbs lately? If you have certain cravings it is your body telling you something. Joined by her dear friend Mike Blate, Haylie Pomroy explains how your cravings are the result of your body’s reaction to stress and how you can feed that stress in a satisfying way without having to binge on a lot of refined sugar. It’s not that complicated at all!! Listen in for some of Haylie’s nutritionist/mom tips and learn where you can get plenty of healthy dessert recipes to satisfy your cravings in these cortisol-heavy times.


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Carb Cravings- What is your Body Trying to Tell You?

I'm here with our dear friend, Mike . You have all learned to love him as much as I do, and as my team does. There's a real dichotomy going on. The clinician in me is going through, research, journals and science speaking out. The mom in me, the avid baker and individual that believes that my kitchen is my pharmacy are I'm struggling a little bit with making sure that everybody has great ideas and tips to satiate their desires and their needs. Remember, your body desires things for a reason. Mike asked me some particular questions and we were kvetching a little bit about things that are going on in each of our homes. I said, “Stop, let's record. This would be amazing for our community.” Mike, why don't you tell us some of the stuff we were talking about?

I may not be like everybody else, but my family, not all of the time, thankfully, but sometimes I have a tendency to stress eat. My mom has a high tendency to stress eat. My kids bore eat and I do the same thing. I have this Pavlovian response where if I'm watching TV at the end of the night, I want something sweet. We're all conscious of as you've taught me, T-cell count being lowered by eating refined sugars. Since I'm the only one going to the store, I'm not buying any and they're freaking out. The whole house is freaking out because there's no sugar, there are no chips to buy. I'm like, “I have this box.” In the box, the stuff that I asked you to send before, I have that dessert baking mix. I'm like, “Is there something that we can do that we can make here that still is sweet and we’ll everybody happy but doesn't necessarily cause an inflammatory response or a glycemic index for my diabetic wife?”

I went and spent the weekend getting my parents’ fridge and freezer stocked. My dad is also diabetic that I was talking to our community about it. First, I want to take a teeny step back and say that if we were doing cortisol tests on everybody, I can only fathom for individuals and for families the number of stress hormones that are being secreted. When that happens in the body, a lot of times our bodies create stress hormones and then crisis hormones. Those crisis hormones tell us right away to make sure that we have fuel for the crisis. The refined sugars are quick acting fuel. The first thing that I want to say is everybody give yourself a big hug and tell yourself, “What a smart body,” for having those cravings because it's what sustains us and keeps us alive.

However, when we consume things that our brain recognizes as quick fuel, but is nutrient devoid, it takes a stressed body and hammers it with even more demand. I always say, “Remember, we're not made out of synthetic things. We have to detox and get all those synthetic chemicals out that we've been exposed to,” which is more work. Who needs more work? Nobody. The other thing is that because it doesn't deliver nutrients, it doesn't do anything to support and balance adrenals or take the stress off of us. The other thing that I want to note that I’ve seen in our community is everybody says, “When I was at work in an office, my fridge wasn't sitting in front of me all day long like my fridge is now.”

There are a couple of things. Yes, we are making in our family a lot of the metabolism fudgesicles. We made the angel food cake, which was good because I don't want to tell my kids and tell my family, “I know you're under stress.” Both of my kids were supposed to graduate or hopefully will still be graduating, but we're supposed to have ceremony through college and through high school. They're grieving and feeling a lot of loss about that. I don't want to take that environment and tell them, “No, you can't have anything that's going to make you feel better.” I'm consciously trying to make things in our house. We're doing a lot of baking. We're making a lot of the metabolism cookies. We made the almond butter ones and the ones with those little crisscrosses on them with the pecan. We've been doing a lot of that purposely and consciously and having desserts as a family with our dinner meal and celebrating those things.

PYP Carb | Carb Craving


They feel loved up by that, but I’ve got to make sure that it's done in a healthful way. A couple of things. We are going through quite a bit of the quick and easy dessert mix. There's a ton of free recipes that I have around our baking mix and around our dessert mix. I’ve got the chocolate-covered strawberries, which where we use raw cacao. We use coconut oil. We use either a Stevia or a Birch Xylitol or a pure Lohan, pure monk fruit to sweeten. I also want to say that my family feels loved and nurtured through food, for sure. I know that you're being such an awesome dad and advocate for your family by saying, “I'm not buying that crap and I'm not bringing it into my house.” It'll drive your immune system down.

None of us want to do that to our kids or ourselves right now. What we're trying to do as a family is purposefully made decadent chocolate-covered strawberries. I don't know if you've ever tried our chocolate orange power balls. They're good. I’ll post that too. The nut butter, raw cacao, we use chia seeds. I use orange zest where you’re trying to eat fruit. There's plenty of that or peel around our house. I use mint, vanilla, sea salt, cacao nibs and chopped raw almonds in that one.

Are all these recipes on your site?

Some of them are in the new cookbook like the chocolate orange. What I'm trying to say is instead of trying to white knuckle it, make it part of your family's life. Make it ceremonial. Try to have it in a dessert setting after dinner or after a meal so that you can say things like, “Hold on, don’t eat that. We're saving that for dessert.” They won't feel like you're punishing them because all of our families, we've had enough taken away from us. That's what I can say. You have a nutritionist. Your nutritionist is going to say, “Let's feed the stress in a way that nourishes and nurtures the metabolic pathways that make us healthier and able to adapt more strongly to this stress.” Your nutritionist is going to say, “What smart bodies. What smart and amazing people your family are for craving quick-acting foods.” Let's make sure that we fulfill their body's desires and needs by making it nutrient-dense. One, they'll have fewer cravings because there'll be satiated. The other is we’re feeding them healthier for tomorrow. That's what I like to share.

First of all, thank you. I’ll pull that out and then I'm going to go in and hopefully, you can have somebody pull together some of those recipes and we can put them on the page for everybody who's lazy like me. I love you for that. Thankfully, you let me do this. I'm freaking lazy.

PYP Carb | Carb Craving

Good Morning America is going to be coming to my house, which is super exciting. We're all abstaining from so much from social contact, business meetings. I canceled fourteen flights. We were supposed to launch the new cookbook. We were supposed to go on public television tour, all of that has been canceled. We're grieving the loss of a lot. I'm not even an individual that's being hit with the health trials and tribulations that a lot of people are going through. We've got to bond together, cook together, and love each other up, show love through food. The way we do that is by making sure that that food that we're delivering is loving.

You mentioned the cookbook. I pre-ordered mine already because I have to support you because you've done nothing but support me and us. I’m super glad to do that. I did the Kindle one for $15 or something like that. That's coming out soon, right?

It is. That’s why Good Morning America's coming here. It will go out. People should have it. If they order the hardcover through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it's $25. You get a beautiful hardcover book that goes on your counter. I know that finances are tight for a lot of people. You can order the Kindle version, the digital version. It's a lot less expensive. I don't know if you did this Mike, but we have seven gifts that you get. I feel corny even saying this, but Mike, the digital Cheese-Making Guide, if you have not downloaded that yet, you get all this stuff free. When you pre-ordered the book, there is a cheesecake recipe in there that my kids have made I don't even know how many times and they're making whatever berries we have. They're making different versions and variations on the thing. There's also a cream cheese recipe in there. We’ve have been playing with it. We make cream cheese with chives. We made cream cheese with blueberries.

Those are all things that we can still do in this current environment where I'm super stressed.

This will fortify you. Remember, all of the metabolic pathways that boost your immune system, that manage your stress hormones, that keep your hair from falling out, they're all nutrient-dependent. We've had a lot of fun with that Cheese-Making Guide. There's also a preview. I released ten recipes out of the cookbook ahead of time. We have some challenges coming up where we're going to be doing some strategic eating together as a community. We're here for everybody, but I know that people are struggling with the sweets and the carbs. My biggest thing is saying, “When there's a problem facing yourself or your family, abstaining and running from it isn't the way you want to turn towards it. See how you can take that message, that communication from your body and turn into something awesome and positive.” The way we're doing that is intentionally having and celebrating. Remember, pleasure stimulates metabolism. Enjoying your food is going to help burn through anything else that might fall into your mouth, like chips or a margarita. I'm just saying. We've got to keep that metabolism on fire.

PYP Carb | Carb Craving


Thank you. I appreciate this. You've given me a different way to look at it. I was literally looking at it from, “This sucks. I can't get my kids anything. I'm an ass person. I'm a jerky parent.” I'm like, “What am I going to do? I got to do something for them.” I don't want to cave and get the sugar. Now you've given me an alternative.

Open your box. I know that you have been diligent about your supplements. I know you've been diligent about your metabolism shake. I know you're using the Turkey jerky and stuff like that.

My wife, by the way, I was like, “There are ten Turkey jerkies in here.” She's like, “That's not enough.” I know we're already over time. I want to say thank you for being amazing and for sharing openly and for listening to my texts and for sharing all of these conversations with your community which I'm a part of. I love being in there. I can't thank you enough. I don't know what it would be like to go through this without you.

Thank you. Thanks for being the vessel because otherwise, I'd be sitting in my office going, “I don't know how to help,” so I appreciate it.

Thank you. You’re humble.

Love to all.

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