Episode 49: Growing A Business While Healing People

Haylie Pomroy is joined by Allison Maslan and they talked about how Haylie’s story of scaling her business, starting as a solopreneur and growing as an entrepreneur. 

Being a dyslexic, Haylie also shared the challenges she is facing, and how she overcame such through her passion and energy. Up to this day, her driving motivation is to take care of people’s health so that businesses could continue creating a positive impact on the world. 

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Key points covered in this episode:  

[02:59] Haylie shifted her paradigm from being a solopreneur to an entrepreneur when someone told her that scaling her business will change many more lives. 

 [09:49] Don’t feel ashamed if your motivation for success is money.  

[14:18] The moment Haylie realized that she wants to build a business with the mission to help reclaim other people’s health 

[20:02] Allison Maslan: When you have this passion and purpose, you have to believe it to your core. Even if you don't know exactly how it's going to play out, you just know it's going to happen. 

 [24:20] Haylie on Key Performance Indicators or KPIs 

[33:46] Allison Maslan shared that she is a big believer in mentorship and encourages others to get support and advice from those who have been there and done it but to be discerning on who they get that advice from. 

[40:47] Haylie provides some wellness tips for business owners on integrating more proactive health and more work-life balance. 

[51:19] Haylie Pomroy: in the quiet of the night or early in the morning, think about if what you're doing brings you the gratification that you deserve. If not, there are a million other things to do. 

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Allison Maslan is an American entrepreneur, business mentor, homeopath, and author. She has been featured on Self Made magazine's list of "50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us" and is the CEO of Blast Off! A Business Mentoring Company. She is also the executive producer and host of her own weekly online television show, Allie & You. Maslan has built many companies ranging from a full-service advertising and public relations firm to a scuba diving certification program, a real estate investment company, a beauty salon, and a jewelry and accessory company. In 2010, she published her book "Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality." She is also the host of the SCALEit Method Podcast. 

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