Episode 13: There is No Better Time to Boost Your Immune System

How do we work towards fortifying and nurturing our immune systems during this health crisis? It all comes back to how we nourish our bodies and this cannot be taken lightly at all! Joined by her friend Mike, Haylie Pomroy discusses an Immunity Shield protocol for inflammation and histamine response. The protocol consists of a guide for proper food, proper food lists and the proper supplements to take. They also talk about some other topics including the nocebo effect and the effect of our belief systems on our immunity. Your body is yours to nurture, but if you do need some support from professionals who know what they’re doing, Haylie’s programs are a very good place to start. Listen in and see which of her programs and offerings work for you!


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Immunity Shield With Mike Blate

We are digging deep and working hard on finding solutions for you, your loved ones and the people that you care about. Quite frankly, I'm hoping that circle as we're quarantining or self-quarantining ourselves becomes bigger and bigger for the people that we're concerned and caring about and loving. I worked diligently to put together a new booklet as some action steps. I reached out to my friend, Mike and said, “Get up. We have something that I want to talk to people about.” Mike, thank you for getting up with me so early and for talking. I've got some stuff I want to talk about and I need your help.

Thanks for pinging me. I love these conversations with you and hopefully, everyone else does too.

Thanks for the crack of dawn call. I appreciate it. I know that we have been talking about a lot of action steps. I'm up here. I came to be with my parents. They live up in the mountains. My mom is a retired physician. First, we didn’t talk about anything when I got here. We spent a lot of time squeezing each other and hanging out. I said, “Words of wisdom, lady.” She's been a physician for a long time. She's a bright doctor. She said, “Immunity.” I said, “I know.” That's what's been at the forefront of my brain. My wish list for all of my community members is how do we build their immune system? How do we work towards fortifying that and nurturing that? We have a lot of the food principles and product knowledge, even as a community, but how can I pull that together?

I sent it over to you to look at and that's what I'm hoping to talk about. One time, I started putting together a new booklet for our community and I'm going to release it for free. It's going to be posted anywhere and everywhere. Please share it with your friends, your family members and your loved ones. I am looking at how I can start to unveil a comprehensive nutrition program, nutraceutical program, supplement program and lifestyle program. One thing that I put in there was, “If God forbid, for any level, because of this particular virus or you had a kid that you have to run into to get stitches or something like that, how can you engage with your healthcare practitioner now?”

I'm going to the doctor and the doctor is going to be freaking out because they're going to be completely overloaded with people, not just having the normal rigmarole of problems. They're also going to have an extreme amount of panic people who have the flu or the common cold, but maybe very scared and afraid because they may feel their immune system is compromised or that they've somehow been compromised with this virus.

They're having to tell people that they don't have tests or that they're not sure if they should run the test. It was good to have a conversation with my mom because even though she's retired, she still carries her license, which is cool. She is in a lot of educational groups with a lot of her doc friends. She said, “They're crying at night and put a stiff upper lip and putting their shoulders back in the morning and heading off.” My husband was supposed to be at UCLA and we didn't want to go in, he had two Zoom calls with the neurologist and the ID doctor. I want to make sure that it's as effective as possible in those moments in time, if you need to engage in that way.

In the booklet, Mike, I put a sample letter. I called it Dear Dr. Sanders letter. I also put a blank one and we'll do some more talking about it, but I want to get it out to everybody as quickly as possible in case you need to engage. For example, with my husband's appointment, when they reached out and said they would be Zooming it, I filled out that form. I use this for my parents and my sister-in-law's granddaughter when she went into the doctor's office. I filled it out and we emailed it to the doctors before and they have a funny response.

I said, “You'll notice that I emailed it to you.” It's basic. It says, “Dear doctor,” and you can put the name in. “This is what's going on and because of this, I'd like to run this. I want you to know a little bit about my history.” It makes it concise. With my husband's positions, my mom in her practice, she and I used to practice together for years. That was in her new client packet when they would send it out to new clients. I helped her develop that for her practice because they felt like she was dedicated to giving specified good care. She felt like people would come in and would take the first half of the visits trying to even articulate why they were there and how she could help.

It was always frustrating. That's when I first put that letter together, the Food RX book. As you can tell, I've spent time working on this. It also unveiled a food protocol where you can use the metabolism shake, which has all of your fruits, your veggies and your spirulina. You're a vegan-based, Mohan lectin, pea protein in it. It comes out of Belgium, it's lectin-free. That's why people feel good about it. You can use that for breakfast, lunch and snacks. You're going to have healthy fat and an optional grain. You are going to have fruit, but don't worry. This is all on there. At dinner, we're going to oscillate between I-burn recipes and H-burn recipes to pull that reduction of inflammation and then nurturing of the appropriate immune response. As we talked about in our last one, inflammation is your first line of defense with this. A proper immune response is how you're going to fortify your body. Rotate between those foods. With all my programs, we cycle between rebuilding, nurturing, rest and restoration.

This program is essentially an entire food and supplemental program for optimal health and immunity, and a proper inflammatory response. It is something more practical given the status of food supply chains. Am I saying that right?

Yes, it is. I called it an Immunity Shield. It supports inflammation and histamine targeted protocols. I made the grocery list specific and targeted for this, but I tried to go through the list and pull things that I feel like individuals could source and recipes that individuals could make easily. Also, that would freeze well so they could package. The kids always laugh at me because I get those ginormous sticky notes and put them all over my wall. When I'm thinking about what meal to put, where and how can you freeze it and what foods can you source? With all of our programs, we were able to get a lot of yellow squash and zucchini.

We used those as a replacement. I got Brussels sprouts and asparagus too, but we were able to replace whether with a vegetable. You can pick any of the vegetables on that food list, even if the recipe calls for, let's say broccoli, I could put Brussels sprouts in there, in place. This booklet has a couple of things. It has a total food program. It has how you can use your metabolism shake. It has how you can use and if you have all of the different supplements that you want to use to support. Those inflammatory metabolic pathways, the immunity metabolic pathways, the anti-inflammatory metabolic pathways and how to use those.

I also wanted to unveil what ingredients were in there in case the individuals out of the country are having a difficult time sourcing them. I put in the part that if you have to communicate with a physician or a healthcare practitioner for yourself, ours was for my husband, but I'm trying to get my dad's care. That's one of the reasons we came up here. I'm trying to get him coordinated with someone that they can do Skype or online because there's no way I want him going into the doctor's office as well as down the mountain because we're having a snowstorm.

I canceled my doctor's appointment that I had for a health review, ironically, for a life insurance policy. I’m like, “I'm not going to that. I'm staying at home.” Before you continue, let me make sure I'm going to recap because I heard you, but you go fast because you're smart. The new program is called the Immunity Shield and it is for inflammation and histamine response. It begins with proper foods, proper food lists, and foods that are available that you can still purchase. It also includes for your community, who are already taking your supplements, what supplements to take for this Immunity Shield product or the immunity protocol. If they're out of the country cannot get your supplements, you're also including the actual core components of your supplements that you think that they should be taking. Did I hear that right?

It's hard for me because I don't have control over those raw ingredients. I'm protective as to what we put in. A lot of people will notice that we are having some supply chain issues, yes, you're right, but it made me think in my mind. If you go to the website and it says, “Raincheck,” go ahead and put your name in there. We're probably restocking. They're having some delivery issues as we're bringing stuff in. We were able to get stuff in from Belgium that we were concerned about. We're in the restocking process. If you find that we're out of something, the rainchecks, we then email people out and it is a first come first serve basis.

A good friend of mine, someone that's been prevalent in our community was asking me about some free radical and a probiotic that we were sold out. I said, “Go right now and put in for a raincheck because it will ship out. If you say, yes, it'll hold your space in-line.” She felt, that calling me should have given her space in-line. I said, “It’s computer automated. I don't have control over it, but do it now.” I sat on the phone with her and walked her through the process. That's why we're releasing the booklet right away. Even if a product is stock-ordered or it's a raincheck, people can start going through it, preparing for what meals they like on it.


Got a lot of great recipes in there, but they're organized in a way. We have hundreds of recipes, Mike, on our website, but I'm concerned as I look at our membership community, our support group. That's where I spend a lot of my time. People share with us their personal struggles and what they're dealing with now, on that support group. What's important to me is that, as I said, “I have an idea.” We have many recipes and people are feeling overwhelmed with choices. In times of crisis, we are trying to not feel overwhelmed by the news, their concern or the financial concern with work, jobs and everything, trying to decide what's for dinner feels overwhelming.

I can appreciate that. Both of my kids love to cook. That's all we've been doing is making food, but there's this getting back to being in the kitchen as a family and them coming in and going, “Mom, what are we making for dinner tonight?” They're overwhelmed with it. Both have been pulled out of school. They both were graduating in 2020 and were told that there is no graduation ceremony. They're heartbroken. In their world and in our family, that was a big rite of passage. It's interesting because the, “What's for dinner?” comment seems to be soothing them. I went, “I'm going to tell you what's for dinner. I'm going to lay it out and give it.” I'm not going to say, “Go to my website. There are hundreds of recipes.” I'm going to say, “These are proactive recipes and this is a proactive list.” I’m trying to see that I could take some burden.

We appreciate it. I'll admit, I am a big person who eats out. We go out to eat constantly because we're always on the go, but in the last few days, it has been emotionally healing for our family because we have specifically been planning the dinner, sitting down, having dinner together, all of us at the table. It has been magical. I want to go back because you said this is where I spend all my time in the community. For those who don't know, I think what you're referring to is the $13, $12 per month community that you have of members like myself. Is that right?

If you do it for a year, it's $99. Now, we have a join free for 30 days coupon too, for people that need to jump in and get some support. It's a support group. We did it this way because when you have a private group on Facebook, everything that you want to write or type about doesn't go out, “I was Hailey your friend from high school.” I was doing a Facebook Live and I thought I clicked the button to the private group that I'm talking to. I was like, “That's interesting. I didn't know this guy was in our private support group.” I know a lot of our members. I went, “That's weird.” I went on my old Facebook page. You clicked it off and went to our private group.

In a private group, people can be candid. We're protective over what we do and don't talk about in that group and it's a place for support. What I did on this booklet is a lot of people might have the metabolism enzymes and they use it because they'd had no food allergies. They use it because they'd had inflammation in their life. They bought that bottle, reuse it, reorder it or they're on our reorder program and they use it all the time. Maybe they take the metabolism energy because they walk the golf course and they need extra nutrients and oxygen supply.

I wanted to take all of the supplements that I felt were targeted towards fortifying the immune system, balancing the metabolic pathways that regulate the inflammatory and anti-inflammatory response and things that support cytokine. Everybody is talking about with COVID specifically is that cytokine storm that happens. That's the same thing that happens in individuals that have a strong either dermatomyositis, pulmonary fibrosis or things of that nature. They're finding that this virus evokes that. When we look at it, I was on PubMed, all weekend long. Fortunately, because of being at George Washington University, I get access to all of those things. Looking at what nutrients have had the sound research and the patented that we have in the Free Radicals, there is nominal research on that support.

There are studies on that support. When there's an ingredient, that's got a patent and like this one, some of ours are out of Johns Hopkins. We get stuff out of Milan, Spain and Belgium. When they have patents, they've done the true double-blind studies. I grew up on herbs and I am more native. When we grew up, I believe in the medicinal properties. I grew up on that. My children grew up on that, but I'm also a hardcore science geek as everybody knows. Some of those studies make me have real strong peace of mind. In a booklet, what I wanted to do was say, “Maybe you have a pantry that has my name on a bunch of stuff and I want to help how to use them, what to take and where the research says the dosage is the most effective and things of that nature.” I pulled everything together and tried to put it all in one place. We'll pop that on the landing page.

Your assistant sent me the link to this too. It looks like you created one for the bare minimum, but that's my own internal interpretation. The bare minimum is Free Radical, the Histamine, the shakes and the guide that you've created. You also have one that's expanded for those who have the financial means to be able to that or are willing to reallocate. That's what I've been doing, which includes even more products. The list has Free Radicals, Histamines, the two Metabolism Shakes, and the Immunity Shield product, or the Immunity Shield bundle. You then made it an Immunity Shield Plus, which includes those and adds in Pro-biotics, Fatty Acid, Enzyme, Balance, Energy and Multi with all of those increasing metabolism, does that sound right?

Yes. The Free Radicals, Histamine and the Metabolism Shake, for our family, those are the basics that we're sending out to our friends and family. Most of us already take the Pro-biotic, the Multi, the Fatty Acid and the Enzymes. What I want people to understand is how those play an incredibly important role in fortifying the body specifically around immunity and inflammation. That's why I also released Metabolism University. That was a $299 course that we had and we've been successful in selling that academically. I've taught for years and have done that. I opened that and made that available. Those that want to science geek out with me and understand the metabolic pathways that are affected by this particular enzyme. I've got a great group of doctors that I've worked with at a lot of different hospitals.

One group, we’re putting together a study with stem cells. It's phenomenal because they're looking at cytokine storm. They've been looking at interleukin-1, interleukin-6 and the ratios. I was emailing and texting, as I was pulling stuff for this protocol from a food perspective. We were looking at the lipids and they were looking at the enzymatic process. I cut and paste that lecture and sent it to the immunologists that are in the group. I'm like, “I did a recording on enzymes.” We were talking about with the cytokine storm that there's a protein that's released and when the virus invades the cell, that protein goes in and it dumps enzymes into the cell that cause the destruction of the cell. It's the cytokine that triggers that.

If people want to science geek out with me, I want to tell them, this time I needed my mom. She's been a respected position and she's in her 70s. She's a wise person. I said, “Mom, what do I need to tell them?” She said, “Immunity, how to advocate and how to be prepared.” My mom's also a woman who, even as a child, we would backpack five hours out and camp just she and I for days and never see another human being. She's strong and brilliant. That's what I wanted to pull together. I wanted to pull action steps and effectiveness. If you want to science geek out with me, be a student at Metabolism University. If you need support, be a member of our support group.

I'm going to put this booklet away for free, whatever you need. If I possess the resources personally, I'm here for a reason. It's my commitment to provide it. When I woke up, what did my mom say? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed like something on a hot tin roof. I woke up fired up about this. Also, one of the kids says when I get nervous, I bake. When I feel like we've been presented with not a lot of hope, I want everybody to know there’s so much hope and opportunity to come together and the ability, believe in your body. In my many years of clinical practice, I have seen clients get off of the lung transplant list.

PYP Immunity | Immunity Shield


You live your life a little bit in these moments. I was pregnant with my son when I had a client that I worked with at a phenomenal team of physicians together that had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. It was Thanksgiving that I got the message from her that for some reason, things were starting to look like they were going in remission. We celebrate every year together. My son is 21 years. She was given six months to get things in order. I see the miracle of the body every day in my practice. I know that sometimes people don't get to see and witness that. Now, nurture yourself, take care of yourself, be one with your body. I'm here to support in any way that you think I could be useful. If you want to science geek out with me, I am in. I'm game. It's my passion. This program is amazing. I'm proud of it. I'm excited.

I'm excited too. I can't wait to go through it. We'll have everybody in the house go through the entire guide so they can understand. You mentioned something that I want to expand on. You said that the body is a miracle. You've seen all the amazing things happen. You've cited a specific reference. I want to make sure that I'm emphasizing most people know what a placebo is. I don't know how many of you know, what a nocebo is, but I want to make sure that you understand that the placebo has the ability to impact your health in a positive way, then nocebo has the opposite effect. We all know that stress can immediately lower the immune response. If you can, know that you're going to be fine, know that you have to unplug from the media as much as physically possible because the last thing you want is the nocebo effect to grab ahold of you. Can you talk about any references you might have for nocebo?

I don't prepare for any interviews, even when I do Dr. Oz, I can't read a teleprompter. He and I shoot from the hip and that we have so much fun. Nocebo effect, when we talk about that, we're looking at the power of suggestion in a negative perspective. It's also what we physiologically know that self will mimic that in which we put a lot of energy towards, even in the stem cell world. I was coordinating care for an individual. We brought them into California. They were from Colorado. We send them to Scripps Hospital.

We were coordinating cardiovascular care. We coordinated a stem cell transplant in Moscow. We sent them over to Moscow. One of the things that they did was they took mesenchymal stem cells. They are stem cells that are not your own and they have yet to develop an immune pattern. They don't have an antigen-antibody response, yet. They would grow those cells next to cardiomyocytes or heart cells. They would never touch. They would never interface. It was a glass between them, but the mesenchymal stem cells would take on cardiovascular affinity. They would infuse the stem cells at IV, and it would improve the ejection fraction.

I'm personally of the belief system that the mind has so much power. Our brain cells are in every organ. Our belief systems affect every aspect of our immunity. All my life, I believe that with conviction. The scientist in me, when I was brought in on this project, I was able to witness ejection fractions changing drastically in an individual that was on the heart transplant list, diagnosed with prostate cancer and was pulled off the list. That's why they had brought me in to coordinate this crazy idea that I had, that if we can get them into Scripps if we could get them coordinated with this and we'd get them over to Moscow, we could get cardiocytes to grow next to stem cells and the whole thing.

This person's ejection fraction changed dramatically and remarkably. We were up at Poudre Valley Hospital in Greeley and the Cardiovascular Center of the Rockies. We had a whole group of people that we were working with. I felt like it was this cellular proving for me of what I believed all my life, which is that our body grows in the direction of which we're exposed to. We need to be informed. I fully believe that. It began in the scientist in me and it knows that our cells that are developing every day need a positive impact to grow up and become stronger, healthier and more vibrant tomorrow than they are now. That was my a-ha moment.

It's difficult to believe until you see it for yourself. I've seen it repeatedly myself in my friends, family and the people that I've been helping over the years. I can honestly say, it's amazing and astonishing to watch those who will self-describe end up with the exact item in which they have self-prescribed. I had one friend who said, “I had this syndrome.” I'm like, “Do you know how rare that is?” He was like, “That's what I have. I know it.” Long story short, I want to make sure we left this on a positive note. You have given us a lot of hope with this new guide, which is available 100% for free on your Nutrition is Your Best Defense page.

The protocols are in there too, in which of the supplements to take. Inside of that, you've got the plus version, which is for those who have the financial means to be able to add in everything that to have the best line of defense possible. There's also the minimal version. You then also have foods and then lists of the actual key items that others can buy. Other countries hopefully find good sourcing etc., if they can't possibly manage to get your specific supplements. Those of us in the community, which you also mentioned, I just buy your stuff because clearly, you've done the research, you do the research, and I know when I buy something from you that I know I'm getting the best product possible, so thank you.

I have confidence in that also. Thank you. I knew my brain was needed to get this out. You’re always helpful because I know you come at it from a perspective of wanting what's best for people. Let me get this loaded. If you get a raincheck, that's okay. It doesn't mean we're not still shipping. It just means that we're trying to deal with some supply issues. Until I wake you up again, I appreciate you, Mike.

I'm looking forward to it. Thank you.


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