Did You Reach Your Weight Goal But Still Have Unwanted Tummy Fat? Haylie Answers What to Eat Here.

Excess tummy fat despite reaching your weight goal, how to review your own lab work and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. I’m on FMD diet since May 2014 and I have lost 23 kg. Now I’m not able to lose weight anymore, but I have got to lose around 6 kg again. My fat is especially concentrated on my belly. I do work out three times a week. What kinda changes do you suggest in phases and food to overcome the stand-off and finally reach my purpose?
  2. I’ve successfully reached my goal weight using the FMD and feel great! But I’m still carrying around extra weight on my stomach…what can I eat about that?
  3. Can I send you my labs and you review them?
  4. You’ve discussed Phase 4 and referenced it in the last spree cast – specifically is there a strategy for snacks in terms of when to have protein, fruits, vegetables and/or fats. I know you say to eat like phase 3 with the entire grocery list but wasn’t sure if there’s a recommendation on how to allocate the meals and snacks.
  5. Can I do the cleanse first and diet following immediately after?
  6. Is it a big deal if you add tomatoes in phase 2? Will a different veggie make a big difference in a phase on weight loss?
  7. I started the H-Burn this morning (I’m actually busy trying to get my first smoothie down). Is it possible to juice the ingredients (and then add the sunflowers) instead of blend? I seem to be having an issue with the consistency (even though I blended it as long as possible). Thanks!
  8. I am on the second week of the FMD and doing great. Six pounds gone and [I'm] excited to lose more. Are there any changes or cautions for someone with epilepsy? I am off all medications and want to continue to use food as medicine as you have presented.