Haylie Talks About How to Use Food to Maximize Your Workout Results.

Haylie talks about how to use food to maximize your workout results, what the phases mean for your body, what it means to 'layer in' BURN foods to your FMD plan and more!

Questions Answered

  1. I take Biotin and Silica daily. I’ve been tested for thyroid, at the suggestion of my hairstylist, who is really dismayed at the amount of hair I’m losing, which is literally by the handful. Is there anything else that I can test for or take that might help me stop losing hair?
  2. After you have followed FMD for 6 months, then did maintenance for a while, if you decide to come back and do another 28 days, do you have to follow it strictly or can you have some corrections, like using olive oil in P1 and P2, or Greek yogurt as protein on P2?
  3. Haylie always says to listen to your body. What is your body saying when you are gaining weight and not losing inches while doing FMD and the Burns?
  4. What is the real benefit of the phases? If a person cut out all the ‘don’t eats’, staying with the same portions and eating frequency, would they likely experience the same positive results as witnessed by blood work, skin tone, and a little weight loss? I know the phases help ‘shock’ the system, but they add a complexity difficult for some mortals to maintain.
  5. I have been on FMD for a long time now and had good success. thank you! I was wondering if we could use yacon sirup during a normal round (not in maintenance).
  6. Can you expand on what you mean by “layering in” things from a burn into FMD? Does that include soups/smoothies if food lists don’t overlap?
  7. What about the typical Japanese breakfast food natto which is made of fermented soybeans? I know soy is the devil and I don’t use it anymore, however as soy is fermented like in tamari sauce that is allowed, I was wondering if it can be used. May be in small quantities in F4?
  8. I am working out and trying to gain muscle. I was wondering how can I use food to maximize my results? It’s difficult for me to do phase 2 because I’m a vegan and I’m used to eating more whole grains and beans.