4 Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties

You’ve been doing so well on the Fast Metabolism Diet – eating great, whole foods and feeling good. Then here come the holidays, with the office parties and family events. Don’t stress! You can enjoy your holidays while keeping your metabolism humming.I’ve seen this all too often: my clients know they have a wedding, a party or a red-carpet dinner coming up, so they starve themselves all day, thinking they’re saving it all for the party. But your metabolism doesn’t work that way! It needs to be fed and nurtured. Your body doesn’t know you have a fun party coming up – it only knows that it’s not getting nutrition.

4 Fast Metabolism Party Tips

 1. Keep eating!

Don’t fall into the trap of starving yourself “so you won’t overdo it at the buffet table.” It actually works the other way around: You should keep eating healthy, metabolism-boosting foods throughout the day so that once you hit the party, your metabolism is all fired up and ready to deal with whatever you throw at it. Make sure you eat regular healthy meals and protein-based snacks every 2-3 hours through the day.

2. Lead with the protein

Starting your party meal out with a protein-rich appetizer — think cold cuts, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail or hummus and veggies — tells your metabolism that it’s time to really kick into high gear. Remember, your body can handle just about anything as long as your metabolism is ready for it.

3. Drink up!

Water helps your body process food, so make sure you drink half your body weight in ounces of spring water before you hit the party. And don’t forget to keep sipping throughout the night.

4. Enjoy the good stuff sparingly

There’s no way around it: Too much alcohol will wreck your metabolism. But you can get away with a drink or two, especially if you steer clear of anything that contains food coloring, sugary juices or energy drinks. Reach for organic, sulfite-free wines and high-end clear liquor instead; your body has a much easier time processing them. Having a snack of healthy protein/fat before and after, plus downing an extra eight ounces of water with each drink, will help too.

Remember… enjoy the party!

Nothing brings your metabolism screeching to a halt like stress. That includes stress about food — so instead of fretting about whatever you eat at the party, take time to really enjoy it! Really soaking up the joy of a holiday party releases feel-good endorphins, which in turn prompts your thyroid to release fat-burning hormones — a real win-win for you and your body.