Avoid Gaining It Back with a Solid Maintenance Plan and My One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

I am not anti-dessert but I know that refined sugar is a metabolism killer, and even natural sweeteners put a drag on your metabolism if you overdo them. But when your metabolism is burning hot, you can handle the occasional sweet indulgence. I do have three general rules for dessert, however:

  1. Bake it yourself from real food, or make sure it is made of real food. I recommend favoring desserts that you make yourself at home using natural sweeteners and whole-grain flours. If you are concerned about your health, you know to avoid refined sugar and flour - there is plenty of research out there demonstrating that these are not the only metabolic disruptors, but detrimental to health. Make it at home, and you will know and control everything it contains. As I always say, if you bake it, your metabolism can take it. But if you do eat dessert out there in the world, also confirm it is made with real, actual food.

  2. Be happy when you eat dessert. It is extremely important to consume desserts only during times of joy and celebration. Desserts spelled backward is STRESSED. If you enjoy a dessert ceremoniously or during a time of celebration, your body will metabolize it very differently than it would if you consumed it during a time of stress. Certain hormones and catecholamines are elevated when you are stressed, which can cause the body to hoard that sugar and turn it straight into fat.

  3. Eat fruit first. If you know you will be eating a dessert, be sure to have fruit for snacks during the day beforehand. Fruit stimulates the enzymes in your body designed to balance the sugar/carb combination typically found in desserts, so your body will be better prepared to metabolize something that accidentally fell into your mouth.

I want you to embrace food and all that it can do for you! Keep that metabolism roaring with my One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream or one of your favorite Fast Metabolism desserts. 

Maintenance | Serves 1


1 large, very ripe banana

Mix-ins of choice, like raw cacao nibs, almond butter, chopped raw nuts, honey, or ground cinnamon.


Peel the banana and slice it. Put in a zip-top bag, seal, and freeze for at least 2 hours or up to overnight.

Put the banana pieces in a small food processor or a high-speed blender and blend until the texture resembles soft-serve ice cream. This takes a while, so keep going if you think it's not happening. Add any mix-ins and blend for another few seconds. 

Transfer to an airtight container and freeze until solid for a more traditional texture, or eat immediately for a softer texture. 


Make sure you find out more about our Fast Metabolism Baking Mix.

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