Best reader tips and tricks for the FMD

The Fast Metabolism Diet book includes tons of tips for making the diet work for you. But sometimes, the best ideas come from the field: That’s you guys!
Below are some of the cleverest, coolest and most helpful tips you’ve suggested to help the rest of the Fast Metabolism community. This post covers tips on getting organized. Here are even more reader tips on getting organized, food, and recipes!

Before you start the diet

Sure, it’s exciting when you learn about an eating plan that just makes sense for you. But before diving in head first:

Dana P. says “Read the book” — the whole book — before you start.

Catherine A. and Gretchen G. add that it’s a great idea to re-read the book too. Lots of people identify little mistakes they’ve been making when they re-read the book. It’s a great reference!

“Quit caffeine the week before you start,” writes Tina P., seconded by Sharon P. and Leesa W. Getting caffeine withdrawal over with lets you focus on the diet the first week and takes away one more stress.

If you’re the type who tends to cheat, Kit W. recommends taping Haylie’s quote to your fridge: “Just two teaspoons of refined sugar can inhibit your weight loss for three to four days.”

Enlist friends

Melody A. says doing the diet with her sister has been great. They text each other several times a day on how it’s going and what they’re eating.

And Susan D. advises: Tell everyone you know you’re doing the diet. It makes you accountable.

Dee J. likes to share the work with a friend too. One of them cooks Phase 1 dinners, and the other cooks Phase 2 –then they swap.

Planning your weeks

If you want to be really organized, make yourself a binder or cheat sheet with the foods you’re going to eat that day, plus portions and food lists for that phase. Then you always have a quick reference, say Elizabeth G. and Katherine G.

Many readers, including Kim F., Melissa B., and Cheryl R. say they do a big cooking day on the weekend — at least for dinners. Use freezer bags or BPA-free containers to freeze individual portions of soups, chili, and stews. Make your big cooking day fun: crank the music, adds Erica C.

Dawn B. says you can do this with grains too. You can make big batches of oatmeal, brown rice and quinoa. Freeze portions and pull them out when you’re ready for them. No more waiting for the rice to cook!

Becky R. likes to boil eggs ahead of time too; then they’re ready to go in her fridge.

Psych yourself up and find support

There are a couple of places to find others doing the diet, and camaraderie is terrific motivation. Haylie’s Facebook page is a great place to ask questions OR become a MEMBER today and join Haylie's Private Facebook Group - get your questions answered by Haylie and her team, join others on the same health journey as you, and get the support you need! 

The Fast Metabolism Diet is a lifestyle, so join us!