Getting Organized: Your Best Tips And Tricks

Helpful Tips on chalkboard.

Getting Organized: Your Best Tips and Tricks

We recently asked our amazing Facebook fans to share their best Fast Metabolism Diet tips and tricks. And boy did we get answers! Here are the best of your clever tricks.

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This batch of handy hints covers getting organized on the diet, and planning your meals in advance is one of the best ways to stay on track and learn how the diet works. You guys have found some tools that make it a snap!

The Mighty Excel Spreadsheet

Organization is the key to making your time on the Fast Metabolism Diet smooth, easy and successful! Try Kelly N.’s tip for timing your start so the Phase 3 days fall when you’re most likely to eat out, or do as Robin B. and Cathy C. do: leave yourself reminder notes or schedule meals and snacks into your favorite calendar app on your phone.

The most popular planning tool of all is making an Excel spreadsheet. Not only can you use it to track your daily meal planning if you don’t have the Fast Metabolism Diet iPhone app, you can also take a tip from Alexis B. and Nancy S.: use the spreadsheet to highlight foods you like and dislike. This works especially well if you’re planning meals for more than one person, and want a little help remembering which ingredients always go over well.

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Make Shopping Easy

Ever find yourself in the grocery store, struggling to remember which foods are appropriate for which phases? You’ll never have to worry about that again if you do as Tina M. and Jackie S. do: carry a list of phase-appropriate foods with you to the store (or better yet, everywhere you go). Julie H. has the relevant sections of the e-book bookmarked on her phone for quick, easy reference on the go.

Track Those Goals

Searching for motivation? Sometimes having a measurable, attainable goal front and center helps. Tanya M. has a good one: use a dry-erase marker to track your weight and goals, right on your bathroom mirror. Betty S. gives herself a reward—like a new addition to her wardrobe—after every 10 pounds lost.

Or if you like being able to look back at your thoughts, feelings and progress with the FMD every step of the way, do as Abby D. does and keep a daily journal while on the FMD.

Stock Up

Depending on where you live, it may be challenging to find some of the FMD ingredients at a good price. You can usually work around those elusive ingredients—but when you find them at a decent price, seize the opportunity to stock up! It’ll save you the time and travel costs of tracking them down again later. Or if you live in an area with high cost of living, as Donna M. does, follow her lead and plan your meals around the healthy items you find on sale. Buy extra if you can, and freeze it for later.

Keep it Simple

Feeling overwhelmed? No problem! Several readers, including Jane M. and Julie H., relate that sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. You don’t have to try a new recipe at every meal; in fact, you don’t have to make the recipes at all, as long as you’re getting the specific components each meal calls for.

Even the best-laid plans fall through sometimes, so Lisa S. devises easy “plan B” meals for particularly hectic days. For example, Ezekiel wraps with tuna and spinach (plus or minus tomatoes), or nitrite-free deli meat. She writes that “If I have those ‘staples’ on hand, I’m less likely to fall off the wagon when life gets crazy.”

A little forethought like that can make your FMD journey smooth and rewarding, even when life gets challenging!