Carb Cravings and a Stir Crazy House!

Stress eating, sugar and carb cravings, and changing your mind about sweets…

I’m here again having an amazing conversation with my dear friend Mike! You guys have all learned to love him as much as I do and I really enjoy sharing these talks with you.

With all that’s going on, your family may be struggling with “stress eating.” Now more than ever, I want you to use your kitchen as your pharmacy.

Cravings are in full swing...

Stress eating is a natural response to the secretion of stress hormones telling us WE NEED FUEL for a crisis.(I can’t fathom how high all of our cortisol tests would be right now.) 

With so many people at home all the time now with their refrigerator right there all day long, it’s easy to make the wrong choices. But refined sugars and carbs do nothing to support our adrenals to help our bodies deal with this stress, they’ll even drive your immune system down, which we don’t want right now. 

Stress levels are high for us all. Both of my kids were supposed to go through graduation ceremonies in May, and they’re grieving and feeling a lot of loss about that not happening. I don’t want to tell them no, you can’t have any treats to make you feel better.

So we’re making lots of healthy treats using my Dessert and Baking Mixes to feed our stress, like my Oat and Nut Butter cookies and my Lemon Angel Food cake. We’ve been enjoying these purposefully and consciously, saving them for after-dinner, and they feel very loved up by that.

You could even opt to make your own delectable dairy-free cheese using this guide I created to help satisfy your cravings.

We’ve all had a lot taken away from us lately. Let’s feed the stress in a way that nourishes and nurtures our metabolic pathways with nutrient-dense foods to help us adapt more strongly. This way, nobody will feel punished or deprived. 

Remember, the metabolic pathways that boost your immune system, manage your stress hormones, and keep your hair from falling out are ALL NUTRIENT DEPENDENT. 

Pleasure stimulates the metabolism, so enjoying and celebrating your food is going to help burn through anything else that might fall into your mouth. 

In good health,

Haylie Pomroy