Detoxing Heavy Metals

Throughout my health journey I have always been open to new ideas and progressive ways to promote healing from the inside out. Many moons along the way I found a practitioner that helped me go through a series of detoxes that ultimately enabled me to live my life medication free. One milestone was when I began to support the metabolic pathways of metal detox. Heavy metals can create imbalances in the body and be at the root cause of the bodies inability to get healthy.

Foods that detox metals

Burdock, milk thistle and dandelion teas are all powerful liver cleansers. That’s a big deal any time, because your liver is the primary filter for eliminating toxins from your body. It’s even more important when you’re on the Fast Metabolism Diet, because your liver is working overtime to help metabolize fat.

Eat more citrus. Pectins in citrus are a very powerful detoxifying substance. Citrus naturally remove heavy metals without depleting the body of important trace minerals.

Add turmeric to your recipes. This root is full of Curcumin. It’s a great detoxing agent and is used to treat liver and digestive disorders.

Natural ways to detox heavy metals

Drink spring water. Drink half your body weight in ounces of spring water every day. (If you weigh 150 pounds, that’s 75 ounces of water every day.) Remember, water doesn’t just keep you hydrated. It shuttles nutrients to your cells, washes waste out of your body, and clears away the byproducts of metabolized fat. If you don’t have enough water in your system, your body will let you know by not only making you feel thirsty, but slamming the brakes on your metabolism until you’re properly hydrated again. It’s just trying to protect itself — when water is truly in short supply, survival takes precedence over burning fat. But we don’t want that to happen!

Try dry skin brushing. A quick and affordable way to make your skin glow and flush toxins from your body. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  You may not have heard of it, but the benefits are more than skin-deep.

  • Dead skin is buffed away, encouraging cell renewal and perfecting the texture of your skin.
  • Circulation intensifies, which helps your body flush away wastes.
  • Your lymphatic system works better. Like a massage, skin brushing helps with lymphatic drainage.

You can get a brush inexpensively here.

Wondering if metals could be getting in the way of your success?

Here are some kits to test in the convenience of you own home:


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Ways your doctor can test for heavy metals

Partner with your doctor and let him help you determine if heavy metal toxicity can be a barrier to your health goals. We like to use these tests in our clinics.

Release the barriers to success!

Many times we have found in our clinic is that heavy metal toxicity can be the barrier to my client's success in an achieving health.

This is why we use Metabolism Metals as an aid to release possible barriers to success! It can help:

– Mobilize and Eliminate Heavy Metals from the Body
– Supports the Pathways of Metal Detoxification
– Helps Protect Tissues from Oxidative Stress 

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