Food Prescriptions with Haylie Pomroy—a Discussion with the Ladies of the "Hi My Name is Mom" Podcast

It was so much fun joining in on a popular podcast for moms aptly titled “My Name is Mom” recently. The subject matter allowed me to give moms advice on bouncing back after pregnancy, but it also gave me a chance to catch up with some wonderful ladies—one of whom has become a dear friend ever since she became a client of mine years ago. I sat down for a lively discussion with Corri English, Jen Kulp and Kaela Kinney for this episode, titled "Food Prescriptions with Haylie Pomroy."

It was an honor to be introduced by my friend Corri, who told her cohorts that she credits me for her ability to carry and give birth to her children. It was sweet of her to say that she jokingly refers to them as “Babies by Haylie.” 

These three vibrant women asked me a multitude of questions about how women can be their healthiest going into pregnancy, though pregnancy and post-partum. As you can imagine, hormones were a hot topic.  

I told them that the secret to feeling great and having tons of energy is balancing hormones, which can be accomplished by putting power on your plate and nutrients in your body. 

Listen below as first-time expectant mother Kaela Kinney learned how she could reduce reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to address her various health issues. She was delighted to find out that most were very likely stemming from one metabolic pathway being out of balance!

From morning sickness to blood pressure issues to night sweats, listen below as I explain how to harness the power of nutrition to reset hormones that can regulate cycles, put our bodies in the best position to carry a baby, and return to health after childbirth. 

I even reveal the food with 10 times more potassium than a banana that you can throw in your smoothie to help regulate your hormones! 

I also laid out why it’s important in the first four weeks post-delivery to eat plenty of high glycemic fruits. “Watermelon, mango, nectarines, peaches, plums, cherries—these really help stimulate the metabolism. You have a significant hormonal dip post-delivery, so the higher glycemic fruits are really important for supporting your adrenal glands.”

With all the fluctuating hormones that come with pregnancy, these Moms also wanted to know how they can rebalance their hormones after pregnancy, and feel good about their bodies postpartum. Find out what I had to say, and why I told them that signing up for the next super-nutrient infused 10-Day Cleanse is a must!