Let Me Get You Back To A Fast Metabolism!

Haylie Pomroy in the kitchen cooking.

Let Me Get You Back to a Fast Metabolism!

Have You Fallen off the Wagon and Need My Support to Get You BACK to a Fast Metabolism?

Let me help you, help your metabolism! I get that it’s a struggle, and it’s hard between kids, and work, and events. But that’s why I’ve done the work for you and created this super simple two-week game plan that’s EASY to follow. I call it my Two-Week Fast Metabolism Bootcamp.

I use this all the time with my clients who are crazy busy and can’t prepare every meal but need to get back on track and need those extra nutrients to fuel their metabolism. It works for me when I’m busy in the midst of writing my new book, or for working moms who can’t find time to get back on track, and it can work for YOU!

I am going to show you how to cook only four times and have meals for two whole weeks! So here is what I have in store for you!

I've Made a Meal Map For You!

I know what it’s like to have a hectic schedule and this is why I’ve mapped out all of your meals and snacks for the next two weeks. I’ll show you how to morph meals throughout Phases 1, 2, and 3. For example, my delicious Kabocha Squash and Black Bean Stew is typically a Phase 3 meal, but we’ll modify it so that we can use it in Phase 1 and then add to it later for Phase 3.


You Only Cook Twice a Week!

I’ve double, and triple batched my favorite recipes like turkey chili and sesame chicken. In the first week, you’ll cook on Sunday and Wednesday, and not have to cook again until the following Tuesday. I love this because it takes the stress out of having to prepare a meal every night.


Easy Prep.

I use my crockpot and stockpot for easy preparation in the kitchen. Breakfast is simple too. You’ll mix just 2 scoops of a phase-specific shake with water for a morning shake, and you’re on your way out the door.


Strategic Use of the Fast Metabolism Shakes!

I tell you how to strategically use my shakes to get you back on track. They taste great, and more importantly, each phase-specific blend has targeted micronutrients to heal the metabolism. You can use them for breakfast or snacks!

  • My Phase 1 Shakes are placed in the plan to help you get off the sugars and cut cravings. We use Suntheanine to help stimulate your “feel full” and “feel calm” hormones and inositol to help calm the adrenals (and if you’re like me they might be a little taxed from the holiday season!)
  • We use Phase 2 Shakes designed with L-carnitine to help you lean down and build muscle. I’ve added things like spinach, kale, and spirulina to help you metabolize newly released fat and give you an extra boost of energy.
  • My Phase 3 Shakes support the metabolic hormone pathways and include important micronutrients like turmeric, quercetin, and milk thistle to help you get back to balance and Unleash the Burn!

Download the FREE Fast Metabolism Diet App!

Make meal prep, grocery shopping and tracking your water and workouts super easy with the FREE Fast Metabolism Diet App! This app does all the work for you and makes the Fast Metabolism Diet super easy. Plan your meals, make sure you're drinking enough water, and always have your food lists at the touch of your fingertips! 

Free Fast Metabolism Diet app download.

    This two-week plan makes it so simple for you to get back on track and BACK to a Fast Metabolism!