Staying Healthy Even When Shelves are Empty

I think it’s time to take our preparation to the next level—especially if you are in any way immunocompromised, or have close contact with anyone who is. 

My good friend Mike met for Round 2 of a discussion about the pandemic, and he asked some really great questions that inspired me to write this blog. Let me start by saying please, don’t panic. But do prepare! 

As the world continues to suffer consequences of the spread of this virus with subsequent stock market declines, shutdowns, deficits in our food supply chain and price gouging, it’s imperative to do everything we can to put our bodies in a position of defense against exposure. 

Panic buying isn’t mindful, and as a result, you may notice the store shelves are wiped clean of cereals, chips, pastas and other bulk products. But those kinds of carbs won’t feed and strengthen your immune system, and SUGAR INHIBITS IMMUNE FUNCTION. Stress isn’t helpful either in this situation, as it depletes the adrenal glands which can run down your immune system even more and drive inflammatory hormones to dangerous levels. 

Whether you are immunocompromised or not (but particularly if you are, or will be around those who are), shop to feed your body’s cells… not your fear. Eating the wrong things can and will have a drastic impact on your health.

Continued effects will likely result in even more difficulty stocking our refrigerators and pantries with everything on our preferred food lists. Do your best to opt for fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables—organic whenever possible. 

Having said that, things are likely to get worse before they get better, so it’s time to turn to supplementation to fill in the gaps and give our cells the ability to handle any exposure, as well as the stress. 


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Now is the time to do what you can to ward off exposure and help your body deal with the stress of this crisis. Your risk has less to do with your actual age than your age and condition of your insides, so it’s crucial to do all you can to pump up your defenses.

My team is keeping busy replenishing our stock, and I have refused offers to do this more quickly by using inferior ingredients. I simply refuse to compromise our quality standards. My personal health and that of my family, friends and community depend on this!

Beyond supplementing RIGHT NOW, my advice to you is to get some cardio to stimulate oxygen delivery to your cells, chew your food carefully to maximize your creation of critical enzymes for proper digestion of nutrients and avoid refined sugars and carbs at all cost.

While we may feel like we need to just eat whatever we can right now to sustain life, it’s best to not rely on pasta and potato chips. Giving you the quality nutrition you need right now is one way I can give back to a Community that has become so much to me. 

In good health, now more than ever—

Your Nutritionist,

Haylie Pomroy