Supplements: A Round Table Discussion

Supplements have been a cornerstone for my clinical success and my personal health journey. I never intended to create a supplement line, but through formulating products for 18 supplement companies, I became frustrated to see how much they were cutting corners, by using inferior raw ingredients, or just putting in a little sprinkle of an ingredient so they can print it on the label. I like to say that's like peeing in the ocean, because it has very little impact. 

Once I started creating products myself, I found that I liked having control over the potency, cleanliness, and purity. If it has our label on it, I have a very strong conviction that there isn’t a better source or formulation for an ingredient. 

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! 

Q: “If I’m healthy, what supplements should I take?”

A: First, before saying that you are healthy, fill out your health wish list accessible here to make sure you are where you want to be. I want you to be outrageously healthy! Once you’ve done that, start by taking a high quality multivitamin. Check the label for the B vitamins used in your multi. Methylcobalamin is a cleaner raw ingredient that’s more bioavailable. If you see cyanocobalamin, throw it in the trash. That’s the cheaper, less- bioavailable form, and it’s a clue that their other products may also be low quality. Also, make sure your amino acids are chelated. We use a patented form of chelated amino acids which are wrapped up so they pass through the acidity in the stomach to be absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream. If they’re not chelated and just thrown into a bottle, you’re making very expensive urine. 

I’m also a stickler for probiotics. Antibacterial hand sanitizers and surface cleaners destroy good bacteria that we need in our bodies. Probiotics are phenomenal for the immune system, and they’re also phenomenal because they are anti-yeast, antifungal, really strong as an anti-inflammatory, and profound for weight loss. 

Then there are fatty acids; the building blocks for all hormones—sex hormones, anti-inflammatory hormones, etc. A lot of people take fish or krill oil, but you have to be careful because you need an omega 6 along with omega 3 or it can be pro inflammatory. If you have any pain or hormone issues, it’s best to avoid animal-derived or soy-derived products. 

Those are three things I would not walk around in this world right now without!

Q: “Is it more beneficial to take Bye-Bye Belly Fat and Fat Blaster together or separately?”

A: I get this question a lot about these two popular supplement trios. Bye-Bye Belly Fat is designed to address the soft, fluffy midsection fat with CLA, which helps midsection weight loss or helps stabilize blood sugar. There’s also DIM in there to help metabolize non-metabolized sex hormones so the body can scavenge fat for fuel. This trio also has Metabolism Free Radicals to support the calming of inflammatory hormones. 

Fat blaster is more the anatomy of the fat cell itself. When our fat cells are buoyant or stretched, this imbalances hormones that stimulate more fat cells. These stretched fat cells have a hard outer shell which stores toxins. Metabolism Histamine in this formula helps lower the tautness of the fat cells, which helps break down the outer shell to allow the release of toxins. Then Metabolism Metals works like a magnet to bind toxins and take them out of the body through the colon. 

And yes, you can take them together. When we are using Bye Bye Belly Fat, take Fat Blaster between meals. Remember, we have to confuse it to lose it!

Q: I love Metabolism Control for controlling cravings. But why do I notice a drop in my mood when I haven’t taken it for a while?

A: Many of my clients that struggle with afternoon fatigue, cravings or coffee withdrawal swear by this. The reason is there are nutrients in there that work to clean gummed-up receptor sites, which helps put your brain-balancing neurotransmitters a little more in sync. They also help to feed left brain-right brain integration. This helps nourish or nurture the brain, and even enhance focus for studying. This three-pronged product is like brain food, which is probably why you feel that mood elevation. 

Q: “Is there anything to help us deal with the stress brought on by everything that’s going on?”

A: In addition to a quality Multivitamin, probiotics and fatty acids, I recommend Metabolism Energy and Metabolism Stress. Metabolism Stress helps stimulate adaptive hormones. We rely on stress to react in emergencies, but too much can cause us to get stuck in that state. For that, we need a magnesium that is designed to permeate the blood brain barrier. It’s also helpful to have Suntheanine, a mood elevator that helps wash neurotransmitter receptor sites. Think of this like a lock and key. If there’s gum in your door lock, it doesn't matter how hard you try or how many keys you use, it won’t work. 

I live and breathe natural therapies. They have changed my life, and I hope they change yours, too. Browse my health bundles featuring the same supplements I give to my celebrity clients to see if there’s something in there that’s right for you, and do NOT miss our next community event. It will change your life! Visit our event calendar and sign up right now.