What nutritionists REALLY eat

April 19, 2011

Marie Claire profiles five top nutritionists, including Haylie Pomroy,  asking each about what they eat on a typical day. Says Haylie: “I view food as my number one form of medicine.”

What Nutritionists Really Eat

Do top food experts follow the strict advice they dole out to their famous clients? We asked five of them to keep detailed food diaries that included wine, cheese... and chocolate.


Location: NYC

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 117 pounds

Clients: Frédéric Fekkai, Robin Quivers

The tab: Personalized programs are $850.

Fitness regimen: Aims to work out every day. Either bounces and dances on a mini trampoline for 45 minutes or cycles around Central Park for an hour.

Indulgences: Dark chocolate, goat cheese, goat milk, ice cream, red wine.

M.O.: "Instead of being bogged down by your meal, you should be elevated by it. I don't use food mindlessly as a social pastime or something to do when I'm bored. It's spiritual, and truly part of a holistic lifestyle. I believe that we take our vitality predominantly from the air, sunlight, and clean water, so I don't take anything but this 'life force energy' until the sun goes down, then I enjoy nutrient-rich foods — along with others that are less so but that I enjoy anyway! Of course there are fun things to eat. But most people eat to escape their lives. A lot of us don't realize that we don't need to do things the normal way."

Core advice: "I don't recommend my diet to beginners. Start slowly with any diet or detox, and make sure you're eating tons of seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables."


  • Lemon tea with fresh, raw grated ginger, a squeeze of lemon, and Stevia to taste (a natural, calorie-free sweetener), 24 fl oz — 3 calories*
    • Mountain Valley Spring Water, 16 fl oz — 0 calories


      • Nothing


        • One small watermelon — 230 calories
          • Two cantaloupes — 376 calories
            • Two bananas — 200 calories
              • Smoothie (pineapple, avocado, kale, alfalfa sprouts, coconut water, mint) — 366 calories


                • Box of Salud macaroons, 4.5 oz — 604 calories

                  TOTAL DAILY CALORIES: 1,779

                  *All calorie counts are approximate

                  ASHLEY KOFF

                  Location: Los Angeles

                  Height: 5'7"

                  Weight: 142 pounds

                  Clients: Emily Deschanel, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Andy Richte

                  The tab: Initial consultation package, including unlimited e-mail correspondence, starts at $350.

                  Fitness regimen: Works out every day for at least one hour. Alternates between Spin class, weights, yoga, and a personal training session.

                  Indulgences: Dark chocolate, raw goat- or sheep-milk cheese, red wine, hemp milk chai latte.

                  M.O.: "I'm shooting CW's Shedding for the Wedding, so it's been crazy, but I am not OK with putting processed food or poor-quality proteins into my body. In case there isn't anything I deem worthy available, I make sure to carry vegan protein supplements, to which I can add greens, coconut water, or water that I filter through a 3M reverse-osmosis system. That allows me to have an on-the-go snack that won't bloat me and keeps my energy stable throughout the day. Hemp provides a complete vegetarian protein and is an important fatty acid for hair, skin, and nails and hormone regulation."

                  Core advice: "Always choose the best-quality foods and drinks, and you'll provide your body with all it needs to function efficiently. Understand nutrition in order to make good food choices."


                  • Lemon tea with fresh, raw grated ginger, a squeeze of lemon, and Stevia to taste (a natural, calorie-free sweetener), 24 fl oz — 3 calories
                    • Water with lemon slice and Align Probiotic Supplement, 8 fl oz — 0 calories
                      • Organic kale smoothie (fresh kale, apple, ginger, 3 tbsp hemp protein powder), 12 fl oz — 213 calories
                          • Nature's Path Optimum Slim cereal, 4 oz — 105 calories
                          • 15 almonds — 105 calories


                          • Salad (organic greens, shiitake mushrooms, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, 1 tsp gomasio [sesame salt], 1 tbsp Bragg Ginger & Sesame Salad Dressing), 24 oz — 232 calories
                            • Chamomile mint tea, 8 fl oz — 0 calories


                              • Water with one scoop of rice protein powder, 6 fl oz — 100 calories
                                • 80 percent dark chocolate, 1.5 oz — 268 calories


                                  • Wild salmon sashimi on cucumbers, 2 oz — 95 calories
                                    • Green beans in black bean sauce, 4 oz — 262 calories
                                      • Seaweed-wrapped albacore tuna with ponzu sauce, 2 oz — 111 calories
                                        • Edamame (5) — 10 calories
                                          • Miso cod, 4 oz — 77 calories

                                            BEDTIME SNACK

                                            • Water with 1tbsp chia seeds and half a lemon, 16 fl oz — 70 calories
                                              • Hot water with 1 tbsp Natural Calm magnesium, 8 fl oz — 0 calories

                                                TOTAL DAILY CALORIES: 1,758

                                                KIMBERLY SNYDER

                                                Location: NYC and Los Angeles

                                                Height: 5'5"

                                                Weight: 110 pounds

                                                Clients: Owen Wilson, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde

                                                The tab: Services start at $350 per hour.

                                                Fitness regimen: Vinyasa yoga three to five days a week for 90 minutes. Twenty of those minutes are devoted to meditation.

                                                Indulgences: Dark chocolate, gluten-free brownies and cookies.

                                                M.O.: "My approach is rooted in digestion, so I look at the order and the combination of the foods themselves. For example, I never eat fruit after eating protein or starches. I also don't drink water while I'm eating because I believe that it slows down the digestion of food in my system."

                                                Core advice: "Don't count calories or reduce food to numbers — 400 calories from potato chips and 400 calories from an avocado are not the same thing."


                                                • Hot water with half a lemon, 8 fl oz — 1 calorie
                                                  • Fruit-and-veggie smoothie (fresh lettuce, spinach, celery, apple, pear, banana, lemon juice, parsley), 32 fl oz — 332 calories


                                                    • Salad (arugula, sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, raw sauerkraut, nutritional yeast dressing, lemon juice, cilantro, basil, sea vegetables),16 oz — 511 calories


                                                      • Rainbow Light EnzyMend digestive enzyme supplement
                                                        • Kale salad (kale, cucumbers, sprouts, tomatoes, raw sauerkraut, 3 tbsp nutritional yeast dressing, lemon juice, cilantro, basil, nori), 16 oz — 276 calories
                                                          • Two raw "tacos" stuffed with chopped walnuts, cumin, coriander, and raw soy sauce and wrapped in collard greens, 4 oz — 720 calories


                                                            • 72 percent dark chocolate, 1 oz — 179 calories

                                                              TOTAL DAILY CALORIES: 2,019

                                                              FRANCESCA CASCIARO

                                                              Location: NYC and New Jersey

                                                              Height: 5'7"

                                                              Weight: Casciaro doesn't weigh herself, but wears "a size 8."

                                                              Clients: Confidential, but includes "film actresses and TV personalities."

                                                              Fitness regimen: Works out almost every day for at least 30 minutes, alternating among elliptical machines, treadmills, swimming, tennis, and bike riding. Strength trains four times a week.

                                                              Indulgences: Vodka, chocolate, wine, cheese.

                                                              M.O.: "Essentially, live as the Italians do and enjoy beautiful, in-season food that's prepared with care and eaten slowly."

                                                              Core advice: "I encourage clients to focus on eating the way someone at their goal weight would eat. This helps them realize the discrepancy in their choices and serving amounts — but no calorie-counting!"


                                                              • One cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, 8 fl oz, with a handful of berries, 4 oz, and 1 tbsp of Grape-Nuts — 196 calories
                                                                • Green tea, 8 fl oz — 0 calories


                                                                  • Salad (arugula, Callipo Italian tuna in olive oil, 3.5 oz, 1 tbsp of white Italian beans, scallions, a handful of croutons, fresh lemon, and 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil), 24 oz — 506 calories


                                                                    • Baby carrots throughout the day, 15 total — 60 calories
                                                                      • Apple — 95 calories


                                                                        • Roasted organic chicken (two whole lemons inside, with a rub of three to four cloves of garlic and 3 tbsp olive oil), one leg and thigh — 331 calories
                                                                          • Roasted cauliflower, 16 oz — 125 calories


                                                                            • Three slices of honeydew — 135 calories

                                                                              TOTAL DAILY CALORIES: 1,448

                                                                              HAYLIE POMROY

                                                                              Location: Los Angeles and Fort Collins, CO

                                                                              Height: 5'5"

                                                                              Weight: 128 to 132 pounds

                                                                              Clients: Confidential, but range from Grammy and Oscar winners to Super Bowl champs and Olympic athletes.

                                                                              The tab: $125 to $285 for in-office visit. $2,000 to $5,000 per day on location.

                                                                              Fitness regimen: Rides horses three days per week, which "really helps work my core, glutes, and thighs — all my trouble areas!" Interval running on a treadmill two times per week.

                                                                              Indulgences: Ice cream, organic whipped cream, and French toast.

                                                                              M.O.: "I cleanse at least twice a year with the Optimal Cleanse by East West Essentials and have 10 days of food prepared for me via a program I work with called Paleta This is my way of taking care of myself and releasing toxins. I view food as my number one form of medicine. For example, if I wake up and feel like I'm getting a cold, I'll avoid dairy and focus on high vitamin-C-rich foods, like spinach and strawberries."

                                                                              Core advice: "With a lot of my female clients, I focus on foods that will help establish the body's hormone balance. Balancing blood sugar throughout the day can make a huge impact on mood, energy, and even sleep. Midsection or sudden weight gain is a sign of something being out of balance. Also, if it says fat-free, sugar-free, or nonfat, don't buy it. These will crash out your metabolism."


                                                                              • Oatmeal, 8 oz, with rice milk, 4 fl oz, a handful of raw pecans, about 1 oz, and berries, 4 oz, with Stevia and cinnamon sprinkled on top — 483 calories


                                                                                • Apple with 2 tbsp of raw almond butter — 224 calories


                                                                                  • Trader Joe's brown-rice tortilla, hummus, 2 oz, arugula, 8 oz, ground turkey, 4 oz, and avocado, 4 oz — 746 calories


                                                                                    • Fage 2 percent Greek yogurt, 7 oz, with 2 tbsp flaxseed, 2 tbsp wheat germ, Stevia, and cinnamon — 304 calories


                                                                                      • Grilled halibut, cubed, 6 oz, with pineapple, 4 oz — 350 calories
                                                                                        • Vegetable stir-fry (red and orange bell peppers, red onion, and asparagus), 6 to 8 oz, mixed with brown rice, 4 oz, with 1 tbsp Bragg amino acids and 1 tsp butter — 289 calories

                                                                                          TOTAL DAILY CALORIES: 2,396

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