Episode 15: 7 Simple Steps to Health


The pandemic has greatly shown us the importance of taking care of our health, now more than ever. However, with the current difficult time that we have, taking action towards becoming healthier can be so overwhelming. Helping you get over this dilemma, Haylie Pomroy, together with Mike, shares in this episode the seven actionable steps that can help transform you into a healthy you. These steps are practical and, though not overly complicated, can make a ginormous impact on your life. So follow along to this conversation and learn healthy habits that will move you from hopeless to hopeful and empowered. 


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7 Simple Steps to Health

Mike is here with me again to talk about the seven steps that I went to make sure that you're taking every single day. I wanted to give you some practical steps. I'm a clinician. I'm a practitioner. For me, it's about taking action to reduce that overwhelming feeling of not sure and not knowing what to do during this difficult time.

Mike, thank you so much. You're the sweetheart of our community. We love you so much. I appreciate the time that you're taking. It came out of us having discussions on what we're doing as a family, what you're doing as a family, both having community members and community that we cared deeply about. Let's get into some of the nitty-gritty. I wanted to talk about practical things that people can do that are not overly complicated but that can make a ginormous impact on their health. How are you doing, Mike?

I'm doing pretty good. I'm glad you're going to talk about this because we have been talking about these items that you're going to discuss in our home. I told my wife, "We're going to do this and this is what we're going to do. If you're okay with it, let's make this plan together as a family and let's stick with it." She's completely all in. I'm excited to share these seven things with you that you've put together and try and expand on a little bit of detail for everyone. There's a heck of a lot of chaos right now. There's a heck of a lot of media that can cause a lot of concern, fear, frustration, worry and a feeling of hopelessness can start to take us over. I'm completely with you. What you're going to cover right now for everybody is the way to move from hopelessness to hopeful and empowered. I'm grateful to be able to go through this with you. Thank you.

Have A Plan

I've been seeking a ton about a lot of different topics. I've been putting together a bunch of stuff for pH, autoimmunity, and anti-inflammatory. I'm still doing a lot of this Face Chatting with a lot of my clients in our community but I wanted to put together seven things that I feel like everybody can do. Let's go through these. The first one is to have a plan. It can be one of our nutrition plans. It could be that you need the adrenal repair. It could be you need a weekend warrior. It could be that you need to do the ten-day cleanse, the five-day cleanse, the fast metabolism diet. We have about 17 to 20 different formulated nutrition plans.

Your plan can be simple. It can be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water if that's your plan. It can be in your shake first thing in the morning. I'm looking at this because my number two tip is to put it in writing. This is by my bed. I knew it looks simple and it's transposed but it says, "Drink your water, shake first thing and five fruits a day." One thing that my community knows a lot about me is when I feel like I'm under tremendous stress, I do the Phase One Intensive, which has a lot of the fruits in it. For me, what I'll do is drink my water, shake first thing. When you write this down, put it next to your bed, put it in your kitchen, put it wherever your home office. This is the one sitting in my home office. Make sure you have that.

Mike, what I'm looking for is we wake up. I feel like at least my friends that I'm talking to, my clients that I'm talking to, a lot of our community members share this. We wake up and we hope this is all a bad dream. In that moment, that fogginess or maybe that dream state or that hopeful feeling that you're going to wake up and turn on the news or talk with a level of norm that they're going to say, "This is all over. This was a bad dream." I want you to have real clarity on what your plan is right away. I want you to have that easily and accessible to you.

When you guys are thinking about creating your plan, do not pick a plan that is unreasonable. This is what I love about Haylie. Her plans are all reasonable. They're set for a finite timeframe. They're easily achieved. They're not highly complicated plans. The last thing you want is to start creating a plan that is outside of the realm of possibility for yourself and further become deflated. Choose a plan of Haylie, choose another plan, choose something. Make a plan, whatever that plan may happen to be, and make sure that it's something that you can achieve and is not too much of a stretch goal plan.

A plan that isn't going to deplete you. Make sure that your plan doesn't limit your calorie intake for the day or limit your food intake for the day. Make sure that it has the opposite aspect, the positive aspect. I didn't say, "Don't eat sugar." I said, "Have five fruits." What can I do? All those things are on your list. I want those to be positive things that are going to empower yourself. Picking the plan is important because studies show that when you have a defined plan, whether that's a work plan, a marriage plan, a parenting plan, a plan at times of war, that it ensures the success and it also lowers your stress levels.

Put The Plan In Writing

That's why number one is pick a plan, number two, put it in writing. Putting it in writing solidifies it. I'm dyslexic. There's part of learning when I audio everything. Even though I don't spell it right, I will go back and I will physically write it down. There is a part of the brain that believes it more powerfully when we either act it out, we speak it out, and when we write it out. There are little vibrations and things that happen in your cells even if you write next to it. "I love you. Good morning. You're beautiful." Those kinds of things that you want to physically write down because we know that they make an impact in your mind and in your brain.

I bought food markers sometime back and started writing on all of my food, "I love you. Thank you for nourishing me." I started to get into the science of metaphysics. It's important. You're right. Writing things down makes it real.

We have a big white board because I teach a lot. The food is my laboratory. My kitchen is my pharmacy and it's also my classroom. In our kitchen, I have my big whiteboard out. We're writing out what we're going to have for dinner. We're meal planning. We're using our groceries. We're using it to game plan. We also put our chores on there. I got four adults staying here. We're all trying to pull together. We started this goofy thing where we're describing the meals that we're writing like, "Scrumptious, delicious." We grill burgers and we put this whole crazy description on. I keep going next to it and I keep writing the nutrient value. When we chew it, it's going to turn into lean muscle and that muscle is going to permeate into the heart. It's gotten to be this thing. I don't know. Maybe we're going a little cookie here in our family.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

These are things that we're trying to do. We've got to work together to keep each other lifted up as best as possible, which brings me to number three. I want you to focus on anti-inflammatory foods. Stress, physical, emotional, mental, visual is proinflammatory as an experience. We have to combat that by consuming, which is about the only thing we have control is what we put in our mouths. We have to consume those anti-inflammatory foods. The power food list is on the website. What I want you to do with that power food list though is print it out, stick it on your fridge, stick it by your bed, take a picture of it, put it in your phone so you can text it off to somebody that's maybe grabbing groceries for you or if you're going to grab groceries, if you're going to source food.

I understand this stress eating and I empathize with that. I know that we've got to focus on those anti-inflammatory foods. That's why I put that power food list together. Use it.

Stimulate Metabolism

My Grandma Gigi always said, "I eat when I wake up." My community knows all about my Grandmother Gigi. Our kitchen is named after her. The decks that sit on my counter are from her, that eat within 30 minutes of waking. You and I talked a little bit about this. This is action step number four. You said, "Why people aren't worried about focusing on their weight loss? Why people aren't worried about stimulating their metabolism?" I said, “The reason why I've always been an advocate for eating within 30 minutes of waking is when I worked at the Human Nutrition and Food Science Department, we did this testing where we tested salivary cortisol levels and those are stress hormones.” Your fight and flight hormones, which if your fight and flight hormones aren't being required to work overtime, you're not having a human experience.

Know that they're all elevated for a lot of people. What we would find is eating within 30 minutes of waking would stabilize that cortisol level and going past the 45-minute mark, we would see a significant spike in salivary cortisol. There's what we call our starvation hormones. They do slow the metabolism and they can stimulate aggressive weight gain or proliferation of adipocytes or fat cells. What I'm looking at is how can I nourish those stress hormones so that they're strong, they're resilient, they're adaptive when you need them. There are going to be times where you have to fight and flight. You want those to be like a sharpened sword, superefficient and effective when it is the time of need. Eat within 30 minutes of waking. That's number four. Are you doing that?

I cooked this morning. The first thing that I got up, I hear you in my head and it's like, "Go eat." I'm like, "I'm not even that hungry. Fine. I'll go eat." I think of myself and I do my thing.


Eliminate Toxins

Our bodies are this amazing vessel to take care of us. We've got to nourish that. We can't expect as much as we're expecting from ourselves without flooding that self with nutrients and nourishment, which brings me to my number five. We're expecting a lot about our bodies. The last thing we want to do is add more. We don't want to add more to ourselves, so that eliminates any toxins where possible. I was talking to you about this. We don't use chemicals in our house. I'm hyper diligent about that, having ITP, having an autoimmune disorder. I know, Mike, you're conscientious about that also.

We had to eliminate every toxic substance. Now they’re like, “Only the toxic substances will kill COVID.” I'm like, "That's not true but that's right."

I'm stuck in the California house. We had some rain here and we had this invasion of ants. We make our own natural concoctions. I thought to myself, "People are at home.” They have some stuff under the kitchen cabinet. Maybe they have some stuff in the garage. Now is not the time to expose yourself to toxins, scented garbage bags, scented cat litter, things that maybe you weren't normally exposed to because you're off at work all day but now you're in your home. Be aware of those and eliminate those. Those all have to be processed through the liver. As an immune organ, we were talking about this virus specifically, it is a protein that is wrapped in a lipid. We've got a protein wrapped in fat and the fat is what makes it stick to saliva, stick to handshakes, stick to countertops. We have to break down that lipid. We have to break down that protein in order to destroy the virus when we're exposed to it before it permeates into the cell. It only becomes alive and active once it permeates into the cell. Our best defense is to kill it before.

That's what you talked about chemicals, surfactants, it’s soap. Soap breaks down the lipid. That's why I'm telling everybody to wash your hands. Make sure you go all the way up to your elbows. It's an old surgery technique that I learned when I was a surgical technician. Go all the way up to your elbows, take your clothes off, wash them in soapy water. Breaking down fats and protein is a liver and gallbladder job. When you are exposed to toxins that distracts the liver and the gallbladder, because those are what emulsify the fat-soluble toxins that we're exposed to. The liver is what breaks it down and makes it able to be carried out by the body. Those organs are distracted doing the job of getting rid of your ant spray. Don't do that. Eliminate the toxins.

Let me add a little clarity on this even if someone were not allergic, even if that person never had any reaction, even if that person has been able to tolerate ant spray, cockroach spray, or any chemical that is a known toxin, that still is assisting in breaking down the cellular wall in their body. They may or may not have a problem with it but in these difficult times when you need the strongest cellular wall possible, the suggestion is to eliminate anything that could degrade that wall.

Some people are listening to the news, so I am careful even in our private community. Mike, when people are posting news articles, I'm taking them down because I want our private community to be a safe place where people can turn to for solutions. There are enough Facebook pages, Instagram pages, and websites that are posting the news. Mine doesn't need to be one. Mine are these seven steps, are the other solutions that we've provided, the protocols that we've developed. It's important to me that would be the case.

When we talk about environmental toxins, we are talking about the fact that all of us are going to get exposed on some level to this virus. The ideal in the world right now is that we have subtle exposure, which means not a lot of exposure. Our bodies go in and they down that lipid layer. They denature and break down that protein. They create an antibody response, which is like creating a shield for the cell to not permeate. We disarm it. We carry it on out of our body and we have future immunity. That's the goal that we need for our body.

I'm a scientist. I do stay heavily involved with NIH, CDC information, as well as, I'm a big World Health Organization and have been since I was 18, 19 in college doing MBSR Research in North Carolina. My brain is wired that way. I can accept that we all have the possibility of exposure. What the reality we want to be for the population is that we have that dance. During that dance, we disarm the danger and we walk out of this healthier. Sheltering in place is critical. We've got to do this, but we've also got to build this body. During this time, I tried to look at everything as an opportunity. This has been hard to look at this as an opportunity. I've spent many nights trying to find the opportunity in this. We're home. Prepare your foods, prepare healthy foods, put nutrient things, and also prepare your body for this exposure and for a healthy response to this exposure.

Before you went to the next one, I wanted to ask one quick question, a super condensed response or list. Eliminating toxins means eliminating them from coming into your body. Those that are already in your body that you need to release, I believe you have some of your products, if not all of your products, also carry a component of toxin release, a transport mechanism to help. Can you hit that?

Specifically, you'll see we have 10-day, 5-day, heavy metal Cleanse, right now are popular. We do them together as a community. We have one coming up in April 2021 and then we're doing it. People, family members, friends of mine that have never been willing to do our ten-day cleanse with me are like, "Tell me when, tell me where. Let's do this." We have the metabolism metals help to bind toxins. It's a chelant. What a chelant is, it's like a magnet. It helps bind and carry things out. The metabolism shake, when I developed that, I worked on the amino acid ratio, micronutrient ratio and alkaline vegetable ratio, the very high Vitamin C, the very high zinc in that product. I worked on that specifically to work on phase two of liver detoxification, which a lot of people get excited about the weight loss perspective with that when you study phase two liver detoxification.

The reason why people go, "I eat tons of food. I did the ten-day cleanse, all of that, and lose weight.” What's happening in that process is it's a natural chelation process where it helps the body bind and eliminate toxins, but also be more efficient in toxic elimination. For all of you science geek out there, came with me for just a second. There are some pathways the glutathione, all of your dismutases, all of the ways our bodies take toxins and disable them in order for them to be eliminated through the breath, made into water-soluble and excreted. Those are the cruciferous vegetables. That's why we have kale, spinach, why we went organic. I was looking at a product the other day in the diet weight loss space. It had so many obesogens like tartrazine and Suntheanine, any chemicals that stimulate.

That's not the only thing with your products. We have all this stuff that we bought before you and I started talking a lot. I'm like, "Please, don't open that. Please leave that in the cupboard. I got that at Costco but let it sit there." It's in there and I don't even think I'll ever eat it now that I know what's in yours and I compare. That's why I was like, "What can we all be doing to make sure that we're helping eliminate toxins to both internal and taking this stuff that's in and getting it out? Thank you."

As a practitioner, I formulated for a lot of companies but I did not plan on doing a supplement company by any stretch of imagination. A lot of companies started getting bought out by big pharma. I noticed a lot of the formulas changing. You don't have to disclose if you buy your B Vitamins, petroleum-derived Vitamin C. You don't have to disclose that on your supplement bottles. I could go into a huge tirade on that one. I’m going to stick with my numbers and I do. I had a good friend in Connecticut right now, who setup other supplements, took a picture. We’ve been friends forever. I wept. I was frustrated with the supplements that they were taking. I’m going to turn your bottle around, read the label. I went bunkers. I felt guilty. We’ve been so close for many years. I don’t set my friends and treat them like clients.

Sun Exposure

Here is number six. I want you exercising, but I want you to have some sun exposure. I want you to have the sun exposed to your skin, even if taking supplement and Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency to me means that you're not metabolizing your hormones efficiently. Don't like Vitamin D supplementation to mask all that pathways that are out of balance. To me, it's like taking a statin drug when you have elevated cholesterol. If the statin drug cured the metabolic pathway that was storing cholesterol and proinflammatory, fine, but that's not the case.

I remember I had this doctor come into my office. I have a lot of doctors that are clients. This one doctor came into my office and forced to come in there because of his wife. He came in and he said, "I don't have cholesterol issues." We're talking about his profile. We did pH testing. We did digestive reserve testing. "Are you sure you don't have cholesterol issues?" He goes, "No, I've been on a statin for fourteen years and it's perfect." I said, "Let's stop taking the statin, doc, because if it's healed, then you don't need the statin." He goes, "No. As soon as I come off, it elevates." I said, "We haven't fixed the why."

This for me is the same with Vitamin D deficiency. Many people have Vitamin D deficiency. They take a pill. They go and get their labs run and their Vitamin D stabilized. I go, "That's cool. You pass the lab test, but let's pull you off the Vitamin D and see the metabolic pathways." The cholesterol molecule turned into pregnenolone then take it into Vitamin D if those are healed. That's the process that we want. One of the ways to do that is to encourage the body to synthesize Vitamin D naturally. The way we do that is by actual skin to sun communication without sunscreen so limit your time, especially if you're fair-skinned. I look a little fair skin now but I'm native. I can get all of it but I don't burn, even if I haven't been in the sun forever and I stupidly get on the boat with my friends and go fishing, I don't burn. They get so mad at me. I still don't want to do that damage. One of the great ways that you can stimulate that Vitamin D is by dry skin brushing while you're in the sun exposure.

Take Supplements

The last thing I'm going to say is I'm a huge advocate for supplement. I own a supplement company because I can't find anything better. You'll notice I don't have everything in my supplement line. I only carry the ones that I can't find something that's better out there. I'll go toe to toe with anybody that wants to look at ingredients and go over ingredients with me. I was in the formulation business for a long time. I know the raw ingredients, whether it's mine or somebody else that you trust. Know the brand, know where they're sourcing it from, and for the love of God, supplement right now. We're doing our shake every morning because it's got all the Vitamin Cs and the zinc. It's got kale, spinach, arugula. We are taking our multi.

I've shared with my community. We've given everybody jobs in our family. Grace is the CEO of supplement distribution in the Haylie Pomroy household. She's putting all of our supplements out. It's a good lesson for our family to be engaged in self-care. It's cool because they're hearing things on the news. My daughter's boyfriend said, "I heard all about Vitamin C. Did you ever think about developing a Vitamin C?" I went, "We got you covered in Vitamin C. That's why I make you do the shake, the fatty acids, the lipids, and all of those things.” We have a lot of data and a lot of information. We can provide you with more on our community but please, whether it's mine or someone, another brand that you trust, supplement right now. Your food source needs it. Your body needs it. Your family needs it. It can make or break.

You said, “Do one that you trust.” That's sweet and kind of you, but I want to make sure that us, people who are reading, don't trust because you have trusted. You and I have this discussion. I was purchasing three well-known, reputable brands that were since purchased by another larger corporation, which you mentioned, and then the formulations changed, the sourcing changed. My trust was misplaced because I was thinking I was still getting the same supplement that I was beforehand and I wasn't getting the same supplement. It's good to trust what you know, but always re-vet over and over again. As something becomes popular, it gets gobbled up. That's the nature of the US economy. I wanted to make sure that we were saying that clearly.

You can research it. I'm shocked all the time. I've tried to stay pretty up on who's buying what raw ingredient? Where are things coming from? We're one of the few in the United States that do that, but you can research that too. It's quite shocking. The client that loves to take a particular product, it works great for them, and all of a sudden, they started having some issues with it. I didn't know. I went back to my source who owned it and I missed it. It was several months ago and it had gotten purchased. I'm good that I noticed it. There's couple of things. Tocopherol Vitamin E, if it's a DL tocopherol, it's cheaper. Cyanocobalamin versus hydroxocobalamin or methylcobalamin is the one that we want everybody looking for.

Super seven, I want you to focus on this list. We'll itemize it out. I love you all. Mike, thank you. This is cool that we're having these discussions. Please, take care of this amazing, beautiful body that is yours. Take care of your family, your loved ones. Engage those in your circle in the process. You never know who needs your extra help, support and encouragement. It always comes back in space. We're doing maxed out, stressed out, tapped out. Send a little love out and it seems to flourish right back at you.

Thank you.


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