Episode 1: Drugs Destroyed Me. Food Saved My Life.

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“My kitchen was kind of my pharmacy. Food itself was what saved my life.” After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Haylie Pomroy went on a journey that led her to create a wellness plan that helped her reclaim her health. At the heart of it is the power of food, where healing is found in what we put on our plate. In this episode, Haylie welcomes you to the first episode of Power On Your Plate, where she takes us into her story and the amazing things she has planned for the show. Follow along as Haylie takes you through the path to becoming outrageously healthy with the help of some of her friends and more.


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Drugs Destroyed Me. Food Saved My Life.


I'm a nutritionist. I'm an integrative healthcare practitioner. I own integrative healthcare clinics. I have the pleasure of traveling with many of my clients and helping them set up a protocol for progress and a plan for their success and how to be outrageously healthy. I didn't get into this industry because I thought nutrition was fun. Food had a different meaning for me. My kitchen was my pharmacy. The food itself was what saved my life. When I was nineteen, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I always had health issues when I was younger. I had systemic eczema, severe food allergies, severe inhalant allergies. I was puny when I was a kid. It’s what they called failure to thrive. It wasn't until I was nineteen when after several bouts with strep, I had a tonsillectomy and I hemorrhaged with that tonsillectomy.

What they found out was that I hemorrhaged because I have what's called ITP, which is an autoimmune disorder that keeps you from clotting your blood effectively. Whether it was a car accident or a surgery or childbirth, my body didn't have the capacity to form blood clots in order to stop bleeding so I would hemorrhage. I was on my way to college, in vet school at the time, I couldn't be bothered with this autoimmune disorder, which had smacked me in the face. I went the allopathic route. Even though I had been exposed to a lot of herbals, natural therapy, homeopathy, and even chiropractic is a very young kid, I was not in the space where that was the route I was going to take. I went full boar on prednisone, 60 milligrams, and I was on anti-rejection drugs Imuran and CellCept. I took all kinds of things in order to try and get my body to stabilize and get my platelet levels to stabilize.

Unfortunately, none of those medications made me healthy. Quite the contrary, those medications made me more and more sick. I started having joint inflammation. I started having kidney damage. I lost 36% of the function of my right kidney. My adrenals were very stressed and shot. I gained a lot of weight. My eczema came back with a vengeance, even though I was on a ton of prednisone and I had to put going to vet school on hold and get my health under control. I was in the hospital. I got a strep infection in my right kidney. I had this moment where I said, “There is no way I'm going to continue to live like this.” I was not even sure it was my choice at that point.

I put vet school on hold. I took a passion for my biochem classes and I learned everything I could learn about hematology, immune system, autoimmunity and everything kept taking me back to the biochemistry of the body being absolutely nutrient-dependent. There wasn't a good pharmacological path for autoimmune issues. There wasn't a good pharmacological path for chronic infection. It was fortifying the body and nourishing the body with nutrients that would change the chemistry of the body and change the trajectory of my own health. I'm going to take it back a little bit. Before I was diagnosed, I actually was getting a degree in Animal and Agricultural Sciences with a specialty in Soil Sciences. Soil Sciences are people that study the soil and growth of crops, plants and livestock are fascinated with micronutrients.

It is all about the nutrient-rich soil. It will help with the growth of the plant. It will help resistance from bugs, diseases, fungus, locusts, you name it. Agricultural sciences are all about micronutrients, about feeds, feeding and how you can use certain hormones to increase fat layering and animal livestock. How you can increase B vitamins to lower stress in pigs in production, how you can use selenium and zinc to increase the immune system. How vitamin D can help fight off viral things. This was all this study that was coming back to me as I was struggling with my health. I thought, “If the body is based on the biochemistry, the immune system, and everything is based on the chemistry and it's nutrient-dependent, why couldn't I take all of this knowledge that I had learned in order to grow livestock and grow crops to apply that to my own body and my own health?”

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I went back into a research environment and I started to study. I studied how the body creates platelets. What are the inflammation pathways? How do toxins affect the body's immune system to go completely out of whack and attack itself? Why was my body attacking its own platelets? How could I enrich my own soil? My own tissue, my own immune cells using micronutrients. During that whole process, I started to develop a wellness plan for changing my own health and my own crisis that I was in the middle of. It was an academic adviser, Dr. Nancy Irlbeck, that introduced me to a holistic practitioner. She said, “Haylie, everything that you're pulling together with yourself, and you're engaging these hematologists, oncologists and immunologists, you're starting to pull together this whole journey in this whole pathway. I think you might want to meet these people because they're looking at what we were calling alternative medicine at the time or integrative medicine at ways to do this for the human population.”

That's how I got a start in this. It all started with horses, sheep, cattle, pigs and raising us milo, soy and sorghum. A health crisis took me to my knees. I said, “What have I learned to be true in science? Where have I seen true changes in a physical body? Where did all that come from?” It all came back to food, micronutrients, vitamins, supplementation, and changing an environment that is not conducive to disease and changing an environment that is strong enough to fight off disease. That's how it all came to be.

I started in integrative practice. I was very young. I’ve been in practice for many years. I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve worked with some of the top physicians, holistic practitioners. You name it, anybody in the healing field I’ve been open and receptive to, to continue to learn on this journey. They've coined me the Metabolism Whisperer and I chuckle at that. Dr. Oz made that very vocal on some of his shows. I think how that came about is in my journey of learning all of this, I learned that the metabolism and metabolic pathways, which were the things that regulated how the body adapted to its current environment. Whether that's weight gain, fertility issues, a terrible menopause transition, fatigue, auto-immunity, hair growth or inflammation. Those were all related to metabolic pathways or passages, if you can, in the body that was nutrient-dependent.

If you listened to the body and studied what was going on with the body, you could use those same nutrients to change those metabolic pathways for the better. It is not about abstaining or doing without. It's about turning towards solution being in awe of your body when it's struggling, being appreciative in your body when it's in a state of dysfunction or dys-ease because that state is where your body can express a problem enough to get someone, hopefully, you and your team to pay attention. To give it what it needs because it's crying, whispering, screaming for help. We have books. We have The Fast Metabolism Diet, The Burn, Fast Metabolism Food RX, which is one of my favorites. We have two amazing cookbooks, but we also have a very robust community at HayliePomroy.com where you can go for everything. We host community events. They're all free.

I would encourage you to sign up for every single community event that we have. We help you learn how to engage with a health care practitioner. We do supplement round tables. We do cooking classes, everything that you could imagine that you would want on your health and wellness journey. I have to believe that I’ve gone through everything that I’ve gone through in my personal health in order to learn and be open to being a lifelong learner in this journey to wellness. This change in career paths was definitely not something that I ever planned for. We wanted to do this show so that we could bring on other people like yourselves. Maybe you'd want to be on this show that maybe had similar struggles or struggles that they are in the middle of that they are finding some unique solutions to.

I wanted to bring on practitioners and experts that I’ve leaned on through all of these years in practice for my clients, my friends, my family members, for myself, and allow you guys to share in that journey and the wisdom. We're going to have some fun. I'm going to bring some of my clients on and we're going to talk about some of the crazy things we had to do to get them to shift some of the metabolic pathways so that they could claim their title of being outrageously healthy. I want for you to not survive what you're going through right now, but to thrive in your environment, thrive in your health and achieve what we call your health wish list. Maybe right now, you don't even have a health wish list. You don't even know what it would be like to feel outrageously healthy. What it would feel like to wake up in the morning and be like bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to have an abundance of energy.

Feel like you metabolize the food that you consume, that you lay down muscle efficiently, that your bowels work so impressive, you almost want to call a friend over and have them check it out. Maybe you don't have a great libido or you're having hot flashes. Whatever it is, there is nothing off the table here. We're going to always bring it back to amazing, incredible, delicious foods, natural therapies, to proactive steps that you can take, that you can share with your loved ones and your community so that you can achieve the health that I am here to tell you, you deserve. Hold on to your spatulas, hold onto your hopes and dreams, hold onto maybe some subjects you've never thought we'd talk about on a show before because we're going to go there.

I am now your nutritionist. I'm here for you, our community is here for you. Make sure that you're at HayliePomroy.com daily because we are constantly posting new and incredible ways. I also want to invite you to be part of my community. You can use the coupon code, JOINMEFREE for 30 days. Check it out, see if it's right for you. You're going to get the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible people. I hope you love this show. It is going to be a journey that we're going to take together. I can't wait to hear what you think.


We're going to hear from some of the most incredible people. We've already talked to Corrie English. She is a ginormous hit in Nashville as well as she runs her own podcast about moms and mom issues. We get down and dirty and talk about some great subjects there. I have the most amazing doctor, Dr. Jackie Fields. We're going to talk about hormone replacement therapy, about the thyroid, about the skin as the major organ of detox and how we expose that skin to so many chemicals and obesogens. We will talk to Melanie Parish, a bestselling author. She is a coach about steps to creating a successful plan about getting you through, pushing it through plateaus, pushing it through times when you're stuck. She's been a wealth of a resource to our community. We're going to have people like Jack Canfield. We're going to get Dr. Oz on here. Make sure you're posting your questions. This is a great time to speak to individuals that you might not normally have access to on a daily basis, but together on this journey, we're going to have access to.


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