Episode 81: Metabolism Disruptors And What To Do About Them

In this episode, Haylie Pomroy introduces Donna Kalt, one of our featured Fast Metabolism Diet Coaches. Donna Kalt shares her journey in discovering the Fast Metabolism Diet and how she helps others in igniting their metabolism to get the scale moving. They also discuss the vital role of food in healing, using food as medicine, and transforming one’s relationship with nutrition.

Donna also shares her health transformation, shedding light on the journey from yo-yo dieting to sustainable wellness through FMD. Their conversation illuminates the practical applications of the diet, offering listeners real-life examples and strategies to overcome dieting challenges and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Key points:

00:00 Introduction

08:18 Importance of avoiding metabolism disruptors.

14:28 Common dietary mistakes affecting metabolism. 

16:46 Alternatives to refined sugar for healthily satisfying sweet cravings.

21:34 Tailoring meal plans to individual lifestyles and dietary needs.

25:24 The effectiveness of supplements in maintaining health.

31:33 Customizing nutrition plans based on personal goals

35:38 Encouragement for those struggling with their metabolism.

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Donna Kalt, is a devoted mother of three, a seasoned physical therapist, and a passionate wellness advocate. Her own experiences with hormone imbalances, significant weight changes during and after pregnancies, battling an auto-immune disorder, and navigating the complexities of perimenopause, have deeply informed her approach to wellness. She is  known for her dedication to empowering clients in having a strong, informed voice in their doctor visits. Based in Seattle, Donna's offers remote consultations to help individuals everywhere achieve their health goals. She is a firm believer in the idea that optimal health is a right for everyone. 

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