Episode 24: The Library to Heal the Metabolism Once and For All


When working on your health, one should always take note of metabolism because it plays such a crucial role in one’s body. The book, The Fast Metabolism Diet by world-class nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy says that pleasure can stimulate metabolism. Did you know that? You can actually learn more about metabolism and nutrition plans with these six book recommendations from Haylie herself. Join Haylie on today’s show and uncover the quickest and most effective ways to strengthen your metabolism.


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The Library to Heal the Metabolism Once and For All

I come from a clinical world where people come in to see me or are referred to me by their physician. I'm strategic about creating a program that is defined to evoke the results that we've all defined together. That's why I have you fill out all of the forms, take the quiz and make sure that you have a strong knowledge base on you. You are the most important person in this whole process. I want to go over six books that I've written. I have a lot of additional programs, digital downloads that are available for you. Some of you might have all six of these books and they're dog-eared. You've got your favorite pages and your favorite recipes. Some of you this may be the first time you've seen any of these. I'm going to go through each of them. Either way, you're going to get more out of how to use these for you, for your loved one, for maybe a client of yours.

Let's dig into what I believe should be your basic library when you're looking to heal the metabolism once and for all. This first book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, is designed around a 28-day program, although you will see in our community that there are many people that have been doing the fast metabolism diet for years. This is because it is all about a healthy lifestyle. The word diet for me means, “Did I eat?” You then get to fill in the blank to enhance whatever it is that you want out of your body. The concept about this book, first and foremost, food is not the enemy. Make peace and fall in love with food. We turn towards food in all of my programs to put power on your plate and change the metabolism.

In this plan and with all of my plans, you eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks. You do not count calories, fat grams or carbs. You do not ban an entire food group as long as it is whole food. You're not going to go carbohydrate-free for your life. We are going to ignite the metabolism using a strategic plan. If we look at committing to at least 28 days, let's take that 28 days and chunk it into 4 weeks. Let's take each week and let's look at how we're going to break up that week. We eat three different ways during this program in a given week. Monday, Tuesday, we talk about Phase 1. It's all about using foods to lower our stress level, our cortisol level, get the body to say, "I'm out of crisis." Wednesday, Thursday, we call that Phase 2. We're going to quickly jump in and start chiseling and unlocking this historical fat. You're going to be rotating this each week. The last three days, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, you're going to be working on the hormones specifically of the metabolism, things that regulate insulin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone metabolism.

This is wrapped around weight loss. We see a lot of individuals that have elevated cholesterol. Cholesterol is the building block for all of those sex hormones. You are going to see a lot of benefit. They're good to stabilize the blood sugar. People pull this book a lot if they have issues with sleep and all aspects of hormone metabolism.

This book has several different four-week plans. There are plans for vegan, vegetarian, individuals that are meat-based protein eaters, pescatarians. There are 50 of my favorite recipes in this book. This book is the book to shatter your concept about dieting. You're going to be turning towards food. You're going to be working specifically on three strategic phases each week. It's a great guide for a healthier self but it helps promote weight loss through fat burning. The body is nurtured enough and working through healing processes enough that it can feel like it can release that stored weight.

Our newest book, Cooking For A Fast Metabolism, encompasses recipes for all of my programs. It has ways that you can morph any of the recipes into a recipe for a different program. For example, if you're doing the fast metabolism diet, metabolism revolution or one of my programs specifically for cholesterol, auto-immunity, diabetes, this is all encompassing. One of the big gems of this book is that it has a lot of kitchen hacks. It tells you how to make your own condiments, broths, nuts and seed, grain milks, DIY dairy free cheeses. It has a pocket guide to all of my programs.

It's a good helicopter view if an individual were becoming a student of mine, learning how to incorporate all these nutritional principles into their practice, a client of mine and wanting to look at all of the options available to them or a student of mine looking to enhance their wellness. This one has a fabulous pocket guide that gives you an opportunity to say, "This plan would be good for me. These would be the strategic foods that I would adopt first." We also have great quizzes on the website. If you're having a hard time at all defining which plan you should start with, go take the quizzes, make sure you're a part of our private support group and ask those questions.

The next book I want to talk about is Metabolism Revolution. The fast metabolism diet works on the movement of the metabolism. Metabolism revolution works more on the structure of the metabolism so the structure of the organs and glands associated, as opposed to the secretions of the hormones associated with the metabolism. It also works on the structure of the body, things like muscle, collagen, elastin. It is wrapped around a fourteen-day plan. Many individuals in our community use it for months. It's easy to use. We only rotate the style of eating twice per week, as opposed to three times a week with a fast metabolism diet. It does come with all of your meal maps, your shopping lists. It has a ton of delicious recipes. We start looking at things like body weight, the structure and the mechanical part of our bodies and our metabolism.

In this book, we're specifically focusing on burning fat to build things like muscle, collagen, the fascia, the skin, hair and nails. If you're noticing an issue with that, this is an important plan. I do take you through some concepts that I use in my clinic like calculating your ideal body weight, ranking your metabolic dysfunction so you can rank how off your body is. I do this with my clients. It lets me know how hard we're going to have to work to achieve success. We also determine a metabolic intervention score. This helps me create a custom plan through the metabolism revolution, where maybe you need more fruit, protein, carbs or less cardio. It helps us start to spin and customize this program.

If you go to the website and become a member, you'll see at the end you get 30 days free. We're not going to leave you without a single resource. You can download the quick start kit for the Metabolism Revolution and The Fast Metabolism Diet. In those, you can calculate some of these great indicators, self-diagnostics for your body. We also add what's called a D.I.E.T Deck, which is where we've made a deck of cards that have proteins, complex carbs, vegetables and fruits so you can deal out your meal map each day. This one is a super easy, convenient plan. Both of them are important. As a nutritionist, there is not one plan for one time for one person for always. It is about constantly nurturing, feeding, supporting, enticing, sometimes even shoving some toxins out of the door. We've got to do that in order to get the movement and the mechanics of the metabolism to work.

This is another cookbook that is specific for the fast metabolism diet. However, I like to place this in your course after the metabolism revolution because I’ll like you to calculate your ideal body weight. In this book, we have a great cheat sheet/pocket guide to portions and food lists. If you cannot use to BMI and look at a healthier way of setting the ideal body goal, weight-wise, it helps us know which foods to add in and when. It has specific recipes for phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3, some are my favorite things. This is a great one to have in your library.

I made this recipe book with a lot of delicious and decadent foods. Remember, pleasure stimulates the metabolism. I also morphed some of those good old-fashioned homemade, home-cooked recipes that maybe take you back to home in a positive way in your mind. I did do a lot of freezer friendly recipes. I always feel that it's important to have your freezer filled with foods you've packaged, as opposed to packaged foods. I went for affordable here. There are lot of slow cooker recipes and things you could do within five minutes. This is a must to turn your kitchen into your pharmacy.


As we talk about turning your kitchen into the pharmacy, this next book, Fast Metabolism Food Rx, is the most powerful thing you're going to find in your library. If you are struggling with a chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and auto-immune disorder like myself, maybe MS, lupus, anything where the metabolism has gone so far off that it started to alter the chemistry, alter the structure and the immune modulation of the body. This one what I did was I helped you first create your dream team, how to navigate a doctor's visit, how to navigate your labs. Look at the top seven ways. The body's metabolism starts to create significant dysfunction in the body.

Our bodies are always communicating with us. We need to be gentle and listen with all in our hearts. They're communicating their needs. Sometimes they whisper and they say, "I don't have enough energy. Maybe I'm having a little bit indigestion, maybe the shape of my body is starting to morph." It's asking for help. Sometimes our bodies start to speak up and it says, "I need your attention. I'm starting to alter the chemistry. My chemistry's off. My cholesterol is getting high. I'm feeling irritable or foggy." Sometimes the body will scream. We'll start to have an immune system that's confused. It starts attacking ourselves, as opposed to attacking foreign things like viruses and bacteria.

This book I was compelled to write because of my clinical experience and because of integrating with so many physicians, seeing that there's this ginormous gap between us as the consumer, the patient or the individual seeking help and the individual that maybe has the power or the resources to give us help. This book does have seven different food prescriptions, seven different food plans. There was so much in this book. On my website, I also did seven unique digital guides with this book. It's my favorite book I've ever written and the most profound thing that you can have so that you can bridge that gap between needing to get and build the team that will truly get you to outrageously healthy.

I like to talk about this book, The Burn, after I talk about a heavy book like food prescription. The Burn is this super quick, superfast, super simple 3, 5, 10-day programs that you can do. I always use the analogy of pluck the splinter out. That's got you agitated metabolically or the scale is stuck. This is a phenomenal plateau breaker, we hyper micro-focus on three pathways of metabolic dysfunction. The I-Burn talks a lot about inflammation. The D-Burn is a lot about digestion, absorption and realization of those nutrients that you take in. The H-Burn is a unique protocol that helps with hormone dysfunction and dysregulation. You'll notice in all of my books, I always have strategic hormone repair and strategic enzymatic stimulus and support.

Way back in the beginning of this course, we talked about the things that regulate the metabolism. Those are big, huge, heavy hitters. You know why I write the programs this way. This one is a blast to do. There are soups, smoothies, teas, success boosters, all kinds of lifestyle things that you can add in. There are times when I have clients that are swamped busy and they can't follow a particular program. I have them take The Burn Quiz, which is on our website. We layer in a tea, a smoothie and a success booster. We make an impact in a short amount of time.

In my years of clinical practice and creating this outrageously, amazing community that we have online, I try to bring to the table the quickest and most effective ways that you can heal your metabolism. I truly believe in this library. I want you to know, in addition, on our website, we have a ton of additional free resources available. If you're going to have questions, that's what our next session is all about. Let's put our toe in the water or jump in either way and continue on this journey of learning about the essentials to heal the metabolism.


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