Metabolism Colon

#1 Supplement for your number two!

Metabolism Colon Benefits

Bloating & Gas

When stool stays in the intestine for an extended period of time, fermentation, growth of yeast, and bad bacteria cause bloating and gas. Elimination of waste, timely and efficiently, makes for a flat and happy belly.

Gentle Regularity

Magnesium Citrate, Triphala, and Cape Aloe are present to support GI muscle relaxation and bowel elimination.


Constipation can elevate blood pressure. The body thrives with struggle-free bowel movements.

Food Allergies

Constipation can cause increased mucus in the bowel elevating histamine levels and promoting food and airborne allergies.


Excess cholesterol is eliminated through the bowel. If not done so regularly, it recirculates back into the blood stream.


Fat-soluble toxins are released through the stool, constipation inhibits this. Healthy regular bowel movements promote efficient release of toxins..

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