Weekend Warrior - 2 Days

Weekend Warrior - 2 Days


This two-day program is the perfect introduction to my book, The Burn, and is available exclusively to you.

Many of my clients use this program when they're struggling with stress and food cravings or stuck in a rut from eating too many sugary, processed foods. Now, YOU can do the same! In just two days, you can knock out those crazy highs and lows—the post-sugar high and the 3:00 p.m. slump later. You'll see belly bloat and puffiness subside. Your skin and hair will regain moisture and shine. Yes—you can do all that in just two days of strategic eating!

For two days, you'll drink the Weekend Warrior tea, enjoy a creamy breakfast smoothie, nosh on your choice of four fruits, and indulge in a hearty vegetable soup. The soup is unlimited—eat as much as you like. Plus you can enjoy additional "free foods" at any time. To intensify your experience, add a daily Success Booster to your plan.

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