The Fast Metabolism Phase 1 Shake

Tasty and Satisfying Supplement Infused Protein Powder With Powerful Adrenal Support!

The Fast Metabolism Phase 1 Shake Benefits

Fast Metabolism

This shake is used as a breakfast and snack replacement as an effective tool in promoting success during Phase 1 of the Fast Metabolism Diet!

Stress & Anxiety

Supports the adaptogenic hormones allowing the body to better deal with stress and anxiety, promoting focus and mental clarity.


The easy to digest protein and targeted micronutrients are designed to balance the "hunger hormones" leptin and ghrelin, reducing cravings and promoting "feel full" hormones.


20g of vegan protein blend (pea protein concentrate, glycine, taurine, rice protein concentrate, L-glutamine, and inulin) make this shake ideal for promoting stamina and lean muscle development.

Adrenal Repair

Our superior quality Inositol and L-Theanine (Suntheanine), both well-researched ingredients, are found to nourish those dealing with adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.


The combination of 10g of complex carbohydrates and 300mg of plant enzymes allow for quick acting, easy access energy.

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