The Fast Metabolism Phase 2 Shake

Tasty and Satisfying Supplement Infused Protein Powder With Powerful Liver Support!

The Fast Metabolism Phase 2 Shake Benefits

Fast Metabolism

This shake is used as a breakfast and snack replacement as an effective tool in promoting success during Phase 2 of the Fast Metabolism Diet!

Liver Support

Organic Spirulina (whole plant), Spinach (whole plant), and Kale (whole plant/young leaves) contain powerful liver cleansing micronutrients and plant enzymes to promote healthy detox.


This formulation promotes the balance of insulin (sugar-balancing hormone), leptin ("feel-full" hormone), and ghrelin (hunger hormone). Cravings are decreased by the stabilization of blood sugar, retaining muscle mass, and promoting the use of historical fat for fuel.

Muscle Development

The combination of alkaline vegetables and highly absorbable protein in this formulation can promote increased muscle mass. Studies have shown the increased muscle mass boosts the body's resting metabolic rate.

Burn Fat

We have strategically added 483.6 mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine to promote the transport of fat to the mitochondria (furnace of the cell) to burn fat for fuel.

Mental Clarity

Our targeted amino acid blend has been shown to improve mood, learning and memory by supporting the body to deliver energy to the cells and oxygen to the brain.

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