The Burn Programs

The Burn offers three nutrition programs strategically engineered to achieve highly specific results.

I-BURN for Inflammation

This 3‐day plan targets the body’s inflammatory reactions to food and flushes out toxins. This signals a problem with your body’s initial reaction to food, which can cause swelling from water and lymph retention. The I‐Burn focuses on the kidneys, lymphatic system, and bladder function to flush out, detoxify, and hydrate the body. The result: prominent cheekbones, slim ankles, and a radiant complexion.


Your body needs the 3-day I-Burn if you:

– Have puffy bags and/or dark circles under your eyes
– Are having trouble getting your rings off at the end of the day
– Have fat accumulating around your lower back and hanging over your pants
– Are dehydrated, even though you keep drinking water



D-BURN for Digestive Dysfunction

This 5‐day plan unblocks the body’s digestion, creating a flat belly and tighter hips and thighs. The D‐Burn focuses on the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and lungs to improve oxygenation and nutrient absorption in the bloodstream. The results: a flat belly, tighter hips and thighs, plus an abundance of energy.


Your body needs the 5-day D-Burn if you:

– Notice bloating after eating meals
– Have heartburn or indigestion once a week or more often
– Have fat stores that feel hard and dense, and have a protruding stomach or thick hard rolls around your waistline



H-BURN for Hormone Imbalances

This 10‐day plan targets hormonal imbalance, a problem with your body’s ability to balance the production and biosynthesis of hormones. The results: releasing and incinerating fat so you can manufacture and synthesize the hormones that will transform you from stuck to sexy.


Your body needs the 10-day H-Burn if you:

– Are losing hair at the crown of your head or growing it in weird places
– Have rapidly gained weight that refuses to budge
– Are feeling moody, irritable, or weepy
– Have high cholesterol


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