6 Components to Rapid Weight Loss with Metabolism Revolution

It's Time for a Revolution

Q: How is Metabolism Revolution different from the Fast Metabolism Diet?

A: FMD is a rapid weight loss diet, but Metabolism Revolution is a shorter, faster-acting, even more, rapid weight loss diet. On FMD, you can lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days, but on Metabolism Revolution you can actually sustain up to a 1 pound of weight loss per day, which is even more rapid.

However, both FMD and Metabolism Revolution are based on a unifying concept of “confuse it to lose it,” a process of changing the macronutrient ratios throughout the week. For some people 14 days and 14 pounds is all they will ever need, but for others with bigger weight loss goals, Metabolism Revolution is a great way to begin, and FMD could be a tool to use later, as weight loss progresses. You can do the Metabolism Revolution plan up to three times in succession to lose more than 14 pounds, but after that, I like my clients to switch it up and try something else, if they are still working on weight loss. Some people have 75, 100, or more pounds to lose, so it’s great to have options. Changing it up can shake you out of plateaus over the longer-term, and this is a bigger-picture version of “confuse it to lose it.”

 *Referenced from Metabolism Revolution, page 106.

6 Components to Rapid Weight Loss

1. Let's Get Started



2. Ideal Body Weight



3. Metabolic Dysfunction Rank



4. Metabolic Intervention Score



5. Meal Maps



6. Food List and Portion Sizes


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