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Heavy Metals Metabolism Cleanse - 14 Days

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The 14-Day Heavy Metal Metabolism Cleanse is valued at $464.00.  Now you can follow the same exact used in Haylie Pomroy’s clinics.  The full program is explained in the downloadable program e-book and uses the same strategic, clinically effective products that provides her clients tremendous success.  This program is strategically designed to help facilitate your body’s natural ability to release heavy metals and get rid of the burden that those toxins cause.

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14-Day Heavy Metal Metabolism Cleanse

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Metabolism Cleanse. Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins. Heavy metals are found in our environment, everywhere we look, in our water, in our air, in our foods, in our makeup, and even in our skin care products. We are constantly being bombarded by substances that our bodies don't possess the metabolism or metabolic enzymes to excrete easily, so we get heavy metal build up in fat cells, in fatty tissues, in nerve cells, in the brain. The studies are shocking when we see how much our body holds on to when it comes to heavy metals. The issues that we find with our bodies is that heavy metals can get in the way of hormones and hormone production, hormone receptor sites like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and the body's ability to utilize the hormones we produce, like thyroid hormones. They can interfere with our neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, creating things like anxiety and fatigue; individuals that are tired but cannot sleep, individuals that have hives that are unresolvable, individuals that are having a difficult time losing weight. In my practice, we like to try supporting and facilitating the body's ability to detoxify the heavy metals. We are all exposed to them. Every one of our bodies stores them. This program is strategically designed to help facilitate your body's natural ability to release heavy metals and get rid of the burden that those toxins cause. I am so happy to be on this journey with you.     Be well,

The 14-Day Heavy Metal Metabolism Cleanse bundle includes the following supplements:

2)  Metabolism Shake (14 serving containers)
1)  Metabolism Metals supplement
1)  Metabolism Colon supplement
1)  Metabolism Free Radicals supplement
1) 14-Day Heavy Metal Cleanse program guide with instructions, recipes, frequently asked questions and tips, meal map and food lists
1) FREE Haylie Pomroy Blender Bottle


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