All About Raw Nuts and Seeds

Did you know that raw nuts boost your metabolism twice as much as roasted nuts? It’s true. Roasting kills nutrients in the nuts, changes their fat molecules, and makes them tougher for your body to metabolize — and that means your body gets the chance to turn them into fat. Here’s why it’s so important to stick to RAW nuts and seeds.

Raw nuts and seeds are not only scrumptious (and don’t forget amazing raw almond butter or cashew butter), they’re also fantastic fat-burning fuel.

But stick with raw nuts and seeds to max out the benefits:

Raw nuts and seeds flood your body with two superstar fat-destroying nutrients, choline, and inositol. Whenever you burn fat, these two act like goalies, kicking it out of your body so it doesn’t get accidentally reabsorbed (right back onto your hips or belly!)

We call raw nuts and seeds “feel-full fats.” They contain special nutrients that send a “You’re full!” message from your digestive system to your brain. That’s what gives you that nice, relaxed feeling at the end of a great meal. You feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Go beyond peanut butter! Peanut butter isn’t usually sold raw (peanuts get moldy too easily). But look right next to it at the grocery store, and you’ll find the good stuff:

  • Try raw almond, cashew, hazelnut, sesame, and sunflower butter. These are out-of-this-world yummy. An amazing brand is Artisana.
  • Keep a stash of whole, raw nuts and seeds, too. Grab a handful for a perfect Phase Three snack.
  • Add a shot of protein and healthy fat to your breakfast—spread creamy raw nut butter on sprouted grain toast. Stir raw nuts, seeds or nut butter into your oatmeal. Or, toss a dollop of nut butter into the blender when you make your morning smoothie.