Why is Your Scale Stuck?

Why Is Your Scale Stuck?

The Burn Book

If you’re stuck on a weight-loss plateau, have some specific health issues that are holding you back, or have a short amount of time to lose weight, my book, The Burn, is for you.

But The Burn isn’t just one plan – it’s actually THREE plans. I call them “interventions” and each is designed to help you bust through that plateau that’s got you feeling discouraged, or to finally overcome nagging health issues that have been keeping you from feeling as good as you could.

How do you choose which Burn plan to try first? Many of my clients complete more than one of the Burn plans, but I typically find that most of my clients tend to lean towards the I-Burn, D-Burn or H-Burn based on their symptoms OR  they simply take the BURN QUIZ.

This symptom checker can help you decide which plan is for you.

Signs You Need the I-Burn for Inflammation

  • Is your face puffy?
  • Do your arms and legs feel heavy and bloated?
  • Do your socks leave marks around your ankles?
  • Do you have trouble getting your rings off at the end of the day?
  • Are your muscles hiding under swelling, edema or cellulite?
  • Do your extremities tingle?
  • Are you dehydrated, even though you keep drinking water?
  • Do you gain 2-3 pounds overnight after a salty meal?

Sound familiar? The 3-day I-Burn plan for inflammation can benefit you by using targeted foods to take down the swelling in your body, making you look and feel more toned and less puffy.

The I-Burn will nourish your kidneys to help regulate water retention as well as activate your lymphatic system to reduce water retention. It will also help optimize your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Can you really do all that in three days? You can with the I-Burn!

Signs You Need the D-Burn for Digestion

  • Is your belly bloated, especially after eating meals?
  • Do you have more gas than usual?
  • Are you constipated or have bouts of diarrhea?
  • Do you have what you think of as a “nervous stomach”?
  • Do you have heartburn or indigestion once a week or more?
  • Do you have mental fog or fatigue?
  • Do you have mucus in your throat, or are you coughing up phlegm?

Do these symptoms fit you to a “T” – then you might need the “D” – the 5-day D-Burn for digestion. The D-Burn is designed to nurture your mucosal lining, which lines both your intestines and your respiratory tract. That’s why my clients with lung issues often also do well on the D-Burn.

The foods on the D-Burn promote healthy gut bacteria to reduce bloat and swelling. It will target yellow fat, helping your body produce enzymes to break it down. Foods like cucumber, pumpkin, chia, cauliflower and cabbage contain intensive micronutrients to nourish and soothe the digestive system.

Signs You Need the H-Burn for Hormonal Issues

  • Is your hair dry and crispy?
  • Are your heels cracked and dry?
  • Is fat accumulating in places you never had it before?
  • Has your weight gain been rapid, then refused to budge?
  • Has you libido diminished?
  • Do you get an “afternoon slump” or sugar cravings?
  • Do you crave lots of simple carbs like flour-based and sugar-based foods?
  • Do you have a thyroid issue, or do thyroid issues run in your family?

Do any of these ring a bell? When it works, your hormonal balance is so complex and beautiful that it seems like magic, but when something is wrong, it can feel like you’ve hit a weight-loss wall, and nothing you try makes a difference. That’s because without the hormones to direct the processing of body fat for fuel, your body only knows to keep holding on to that historical fat.

On the 10-day H-Burn, targeted foods will deeply nourish the liver, gallbladder and thyroid with strategic micronutrients. Healthy fats, mushrooms and eggs nuture your endocrine system to support the regulation of hormones. And thermogenic combos of foods, herbs, and spices will help dissolve and eliminate hormone-induced fat.

Still Unsure Which Burn is for You?

Step right up! TAKE THE BURN QUIZ HERE then choose your Burn from the Quiz page and prepare to accomplish major strides towards health in just a few days!

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