Can Chili Make You Look Younger?

Have you ever gone to your pharmacy to pick up a prescription for anxiety medication or maybe one to lower your cholesterol or reduce your high blood pressure? It’s time to make a paradigm shift because today I want you to walk into your own pharmacy…your kitchen. That’s right, food is a prescription to health, and the kitchen is your pharmacy. I give my patients specific recipes with healing functional foods that can be layered into a prescribed meal plan like the Fast Metabolism Diet.

Fuel Your Body’s Engine!

I strategically create plans for my clients, both virtual (meaning you) and those in the clinic, to manipulate the metabolism with functional foods to invoke physiological changes in the body.  Just like beer gives you a beer belly, did you know that Asian pears can take down swelling in the body and give your skin a vibrant glow? My clients come to me confused why the less they eat, the more they gain. I explain that our body is like a gas tank, and we need to give it the right fuel to run smoothly. When we start putting the right gas in the tank and taking the right food prescriptions, we begin to see a body transformation with everything from weight loss and improved mood to glowing skin.

As a favorite meal, thousands of my clients on the Fast Metabolism Diet have used my Turkey Chili Recipe that packs health benefits far beyond weight loss!  But why can chili enhance your health? How come my chili doesn’t give you gas? It’s because everything that I put in, I put in strategically for someone who has a slow metabolism.

Why Is It Strategic? Why Do My Recipes Change Your Health So Drastically?

  • I use Ground Turkey. Ground turkey contains tryptophan. Did you know that tryptophan is the one nutrient that if we don’t have enough of it, we can’t produce enough serotonin? Serotonin is a chemical found to boost mood and is needed to make melatonin that tells the thyroid to produce fat burning hormones.
  • I add lots of Cilantro. Cilantro helps reduce gas and has been proven to lower your LDL (the low down dirty lipoproteins) and raise your HDL (your handy dandy lipoproteins). Cilantro helps to stabilize blood sugar, and it also has a unique micronutrient called quercetin that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with bone density. Adding Cilantro to your meals will help to therapeutically reduce the inflammation in your joints, ease pain, and prevent blood sugar spikes.
  • I add Zucchini. Zucchini is rich in manganese, which stimulates collagen synthesis to get your skin glowing. It also contains superoxide dismutase for healthy bones and a healthy immune system.  For these same reasons, I focus on adding this ingredient to my recipes like these Zucchini Noodles or this Herbed Zucchini Pie so that I can get the metabolic pathways back up and running.

When you eat my Turkey Chili, I want you to focus on the amazing things you are doing for your body with this food prescription. I want you to enjoy each bite thinking, “Mmmm, this is so good! It’s lowering my cholesterol and my skin is looking better!” I want you to use this recipe prescription to begin healing your body, starting in your kitchen.

Know that each ingredient is selected with your health in mind. The power on that plate and the food you eat can be the strongest, most effective, and safest form of medicine.

My Turkey Chili is a favorite meal to enjoy during Phase 1 of the Fast Metabolism Diet.  For more amazing Phase 1 Recipes try these top 5 meals.