Cooking for a Fast Metabolism featured in Closer Weekly, April 2020

I've debuted three incredible new recipes from my new cookbook in the April 27, 2020 issue of Closer Weekly, and its time I introduced you to the new member in my family of books, Cooking for a Fast Metabolism (order it here). 

The kitchen in my home is a place for delighting in food, not fearing it. Cooking has become a pleasure, not a chore. I wrote my new cookbook to share that pleasure with you and remind you of the power and influence your kitchen can have over your health. Making a meal shouldn't be intimidating. It should be easy. Food shouldn't be a source of fear. It should be a source of love and a way to care for and nurture yourself and the people you care about. It can taste amazing while still being one of the mort powerful tools you have in the defense of your own health. It can support your weight loss, as well as your efforts to improve your health and your mood.

But you won't find that kind of medicinal power in a package of processed food from a factory that you throw into the microwave and call a "meal." Real food comes from the earth, and in its healthiest form, it almost always requires some preparation. It doesn't have to take hours. Preparing your own food is a way to take care of yourself and keep your metabolism fired up or wake it up if it has slowed down.

Remember that food is medicine! When you put the power of whole, micro nutrient-dense foods on your plate, they stoke your metabolism and get it burning the way it was meant to.

These are recipes you and your family are going to love and these recipes will absolutely change your life. What are you waiting for? Order your very own copy of Cooking for a Fast Metabolism here!