Feed Your Metabolism

More people want to focus on their entire lifestyle and well-being rather than short-term fad diets where the weight just comes back.  We don’t just want to look better: We want to feel better, live better, get healthier in mind and body, and create harmony in our lives at work and home. Here are the tips I think will help you do just that! 

The key to attaining that healthy balance – and to shedding excess weight – is your metabolism. It’s your body’s very own set of checks and balances that keep all your systems running efficiently. And it’s a lifestyle. Once you’ve repaired your broken metabolism by feeding it clean, whole foods, you’ll be amazed how good you feel. Your skin and hair will thrive, and you’ll have more energy and stable blood sugar, and yes – you’ll lose weight.

So rather than phony pills and crash diets, feed your metabolism! Here are the diet tips I’d love to see you focus on!

1. The end of calorie counting

That’s right. Weight Watchers and other diets for years have told us that it’s all about calories-in, calories-out. But it’s just not true. You can’t tell me that a 100-calorie serving of delicious butternut squash, or succulent strawberries or fiber-filled oatmeal has the same “value” as one of those tiny 100-calorie packets of chemical-filled cookies. This year, focus on eating real, whole foods, not pre-packaged junk.

2. Love your liver!

Your poor liver – the organ that processes every bit of food and drink that passes your lips. When the food you’re eating is full of preservatives, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients like corn and soy, your liver spends too much time processing useless chemicals, taxing your whole system. Free up your liver’s resources by eating minimally processed meats and organic veggies — healthful foods that set your metabolism on fire.

3. Aprons are sexy

There’s no better way to understand your body than to cook your own food. And there are few better ways to show love for family and friends than cooking for them! Savoring food and really enjoying a meal together brings us closer. So put on that apron! Take pleasure in cooking and show love through food!

4. Farmer’s markets are the new bars

What better place to meet someone special than over a mountain of organic green beans, or in line at the free-range egg stand? Farmer’s markets celebrate healthy, delicious, conscious living and the pleasure of choosing ingredients and cooking your own meals. What a great place to meet others who share that love.

5. Make peace with food

Before you can calm your body and fire up your metabolism, you’ll need to stop stressing about food, and stop thinking of food as the enemy. Embrace the idea of real food — you know, the kind without an ingredient list that sounds like a chemistry experiment. Instead of thinking about all the things you shouldn’t eat, get creative in the kitchen, get to know your slow cooker, pull your blender out of storage and make nice with whole nutrient-rich foods.

Lastly, stick with me. I’m here to help you through this website, and my Facebook page. My Pinterest boards include healthy food ideas and recipes. Here’s to healthy living where food becomes your ally in revving up your metabolism, burning fat and losing weight!