Finding Your Path: One Thing That Helped Me

I opened my first clinic when I was in my early 20s, and launched a total of 8 successful integrative healthcare centers over the past two decades. I have authored a total of 5 books, crushed it on public television, am published in 13 languages and have a beautiful blended family of teens from 13-17. I share with you my tips and tricks in the kitchen, on the road, at the airport and just in life and in business in general.

I attended an event; it was super intimate, but if it can help even just one of our amazing community members then we will all be the richer. I know this is all going to sound a little new-agey, but stick with me.

I made lifelong connections and true friends at this retreat. Some were aspiring authors, a real estate mogul, a woman that owned a motor home company; there was an incredible woman leaving a military career, and an individual who had lost her amazing husband to cancer and was wanting to fulfill her dream of opening a horse ranch (she has now.) Twenty-five of us came together over four days and shared our deepest fears, hopes and dreams. I will say it wasn’t what I expected: it was so much more.

I went because I found myself with big family changes (our first was heading off to college), options and possibilities in life, but a deep, deep desire to stay on my path. I want to empower my community, my family and my friends to have the most vibrant and healthy life possible, but I have to strike that delicate and sometimes elusive balance of giving and self care all while having outrageous and unlimited success in those areas of my life. To those of you who are also business owners or entrepreneurs or parents or have dogs, or are simply human, that will sound familiar. I was lucky enough to connect with Jack Canfield – you might know him as the author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series of books. He is also the CEO and founder of the Canfield Training Group, where he teaches entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, speakers, and sales professionals how to be better leaders and how to meet their professional and personal goals.

Jack has helped me grow so much, solidifying my passion and my path. Those four days were life changing for me. It was more than sharpening my decision-making abilities and leadership skills. These events aren't for everyone; please see the Canfield Group website for more information on these retreats.