Food Prescriptions like my Coconut Oats and Eggs can Turn your Kitchen into the Healthiest Room in the House!

Some people are in the habit of skipping breakfast. Maybe that habit started in an attempt to cut calories; maybe they just aren’t hungry in the morning. Lately, there have been some prominent folks out there saying that you really should skip breakfast and that this can actually be good for you. The suggestion horrifies me. Skip breakfast? Try not giving your dog breakfast, and you could get turned in to the Humane Society. Try doing that to your horse, and then deal with the colic.

I understand that you have energy stores, you have a reserve of fuel on your rear end and sugar in your liver, so you might not collapse if you don’t eat before noon, but how are you supposed to build and repair? You don’t remodel your bones or muscles with sugar, and you don’t store micronutrients anywhere in your body, with very few exceptions. You could pull some calcium and other minerals from your muscles, including your heart muscle, which your body could cannibalize if necessary - cardiovascular sandwich, anyone? You store some iodine in your thyroid and some trace minerals in your bones, which your body could snack on in an emergency. Other than that, if you are undertaking the full-time job of living, you have to get your micronutrients from somewhere, and eating within thirty minutes of waking up is the easiest, healthiest, and the most pleasurable way to do that.

Turn your kitchen into the healthiest room in the house, it's easy to do when you prepare incredible recipes like my Coconut Oats and Eggs. It's time to make food a priority again!

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